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RE: [Distillers] Re: Dextrose wa Scotch via malt extract, hey Harry!

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      > Hi Harry
      > Thanks again for your always complete answers. I found dextrose
      > (around here is marketed as staleydex 333) pretty fast, but
      > unfortunately LME is only sold in bulk quantities. I´m just curious,
      > if you take pure dextrose and ferment / distill it as usual (adding
      > nutrients, etc.) and finally age it, can you call that whiskey? or will
      > it be more like vodka (flavorless) ? have you tried it? Does this pure
      > dextrose keep some profile of the vegetable it came from?
      > Thanks,
      > Alex

      I'll give you my experience with this Alex. NO. Dextrose tastes just
      like sugar. To me anyway. I have used it in my coffee and cereal for
      some time now. It does ferment very well though and makes a good
      flavorless vodka. If memory serves me correctly KenMc uses it for all
      of his Neutral spirits.


      I use Dextrose when using high ABV washes like turbo 25or the 24 Hour washes that have huge amounts of yeast and nutrients and ‘waste’ that is generated and ferments quicker and cleaner than sugar and doesn’t hinder the yeast from completing it’s misson. Generally I use refined white sugar for lower ABV gentle fermenting (6 to 7 days) washes requiring 6 (or 8 kg summer only) of sugar for a 25litre wash at time where temperature is not an issue. I do however use Dextrose in colder weather as it is a simple sugar (monosaccharide) and ferments very easily and if there is a chance of slower ferment will use to ensure full fermentation.   

      Cheers Ken Mc

      As for calling it whisk(e)y? By LAW whiskey has to be made from grain
      . No refined sugar allowed even Vodka in the US has to be made this
      way. The use of sugar in a distillery is prohibited. I have tried
      small experiments with Dextrose, Beet sugar, Date sugar, various
      grades of Brown sugar and "NOW" brands version of DME. The only ones
      that seem to carry over any of the original "flavors" are the Brown
      sugars and the DME. Others may have different opinions.


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