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Ping Harisaki Re: Losses past a shotgun condenser.

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  • harisaki2004
    Harry, Thanks for your kind thoughts and regards. For your interest I did start with the 10mm strips of copper sheet being twisted, with one full turn over 200
    Message 1 of 23 , Aug 19, 2008
      Thanks for your kind thoughts and regards.

      For your interest I did start with the 10mm strips of copper sheet
      being twisted, with one full turn over 200 mm. I did not think this
      would be enough twist to give turbulence and so I went for zig zag, as

      The zig zag reduced the smell and losses, more than the twist, but not
      enough. I did think to increasing the number of bends in the zig-zag
      and also putting dens in the copper strip.

      I would do an experiment with some heads in the boiler and exchange
      out different tube packing. I could use my sniffer/nose to check out
      the difference.

      I thought that this type of shotgun condenser was the ultimate. Other
      distillers here I have read about use shotguns. I assume with small
      tubes and success.
      However, it seems I am the first with 13mm tubes.

      If all else fails I can always build a new condenser.

      Harry don't worry about the water flow it is greater than 7L per
      minute and cold. Yes it does recirculate through a large heat exchanger.

      best regards

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      > >
      > >
      > > Well my friend, there's only one option left in retro-engineering
      > > that shotgun. Fill the tubes with copper mesh (scrubbies or
      > > structured). But do it LOOSELY so you don't choke the vapour path.
      > > Roll the mesh on a flat surface with your hand so you get a cigar
      > > shape just marginally larger than the bore size of your tubes. When
      > > pushed/teased into the tubes it will compress and hold in place. You
      > > can also stop them from falling down with a small piece of copper
      > > wire hooked through the top couple of strands.
      > >
      > > After this modification, I strongly suggest to increase the volume of
      > > water flow in/out the jacket. 6 litres per minute is not
      > > unreasonable for this type of condenser, heat exchanging a 1400W
      > > power input. Obviously with this volume going through, you will want
      > > to recirculate the coolant water, unless you don't mind using 1500
      > > litres of water in a spirit run.
      > >
      > > If the suggested mesh insert fix doesn't do it (as in it's still
      > > losing uncondensed vapour), then bite the bullit and make a new
      > > condenser. If you choose to again use a shotgun design (would you?),
      > > this time crimp the tubes for turbulence BEFORE soldering in place.
      > >
      > > The shotgun design as a total condenser (overhead or reflux
      > > condensers) is not truly satisfactory in my opinion. The big design
      > > fault is that the pathway travelled by the vapour is the same pathway
      > > travelled BACK by the condensate or liquid and in a small space. This
      > > can cause liquid holdup and more problems. Shotguns are simple to
      > > fabricate, but lacking in efficiency and performance as you have
      > > discovered. Even simple coil condensers are more efficient as the
      > > vapour and condensate occupy different areas.
      > >
      > > Now if you turn the shotgun concept 90° to the vapour direction,
      > and
      > > reverse the vapour & coolant duties of the shell and tubes, you have
      > > a crossflow condenser, and that's a horse of a different colour. See
      > > my crossflow design in my Library...
      > > http://distillers.tastylime.net/library/BAPHS/
      > <http://distillers.tastylime.net/library/BAPHS/> Page 10.
      > Hari,
      > I've done more research into your problem and have discovered that I was
      > on the right track in retro-fitting your shotgun condenser. I've just
      > had discussions on this shotgun efficiency subject at the Homedistiller
      > forum and I've posted the relevant info there.
      > The thing we are looking for is called "Turbulators". Go to this
      > post/thread to see what it's all about...
      > 0534
      > 60534>
      > Slainte!
      > regards Harry
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