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Re: Zeolite brainstorming

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  • Harry
    ... http://tech.groups.yahoo.com/group/alcoholfuel/ ... grade). ... will ... just ... really ... mix. ... are ... A. Distilling 100% abv ethanol will result
    Message 1 of 2 , Aug 7, 2008
      --- In Distillers@yahoogroups.com, "Arsene Lupin" <ragnagna75012@...>
      > Just subscribed to the
      > group and learned about that thing called zeolite (3 Angstrom
      > It's a kind of gravel that you put in your high abv booze and it
      > suck in all the remaining water giving you 100% ethanol. Then you
      > heat the gravel to remove the water and reuse it. Seems really
      > cheap and convenient.
      > Now I really wonder about the possible application for making
      > drinkable spirits.
      > The first that comes to my mind is that on dehydrated spirit, tails
      > have a much higher boiling temperature than in an ethanol/water
      > And that could really help separating the tails especially in a
      > continuous column provided that the dangers of distilling 100% abv
      > controlled...
      > Anyone, any ideas on how that zeolite could improve booze making ?

      A. Distilling 100% abv ethanol will result in 95.6% abv. It's a
      fact of life. Simple distillation cannot go above the azeotrope.
      Then there's the safety factor to consider in heating high-test
      ethanol (think gasoline on the stove).

      B. IF EVER you achieve 100% abv ethanol (anhydrous), it quickly
      reverts to azeotrope (95.6%) on contact with the atmosphere. It
      pulls water directly out of the surrounding air. You won't have time
      to fire the still before it has reverted to azeotrope.

      C. Ethanol WANTS to be azeotrope, or less. That is its nature.
      Ethanol has an affinity for water, even in air. Ethanol is MISCIBLE
      (completely binds) in ALL PROPORTIONS with water.

      D. There is absolutely NO ADVANTAGE organoleptically or otherwise in
      making beverages with anhydrous ethanol (dried alcohol, no water).
      To the contrary, you can spend a LOT of money (power, zeolite,
      whatever) to make anhydrous ethanol, only to see it revert to
      azeotrope ethanol in MINUTES, by drawing moisture from the air to
      revert to azeotrope (95.6%).

      Leave the Zeolite and anhydrous ethanol to the applications that need
      it e.g. fuel.

      regards Harry
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