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Re: modern grappa still

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  • miciofelice2003
    Ciao Riku. I made three alhambics. Let me talk about the first I made. Boiler capacity 25 lt. - material AISI 304 (stainless steel) Column heigh 65 cm -
    Message 1 of 5 , May 13, 2008
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      Ciao Riku.

      I made three alhambics.

      Let me talk about the first I made.

      Boiler capacity 25 lt. - material AISI 304 (stainless steel)

      Column heigh 65 cm - diameter 60 mm - material copper - thickness 0.8

      Package three kind of package: labyrinth plates (normally 6) copper
      made, perforated plates (normally 5) AISI 316 L (stainless steel),
      Rashig rings of 8 and 10 mm diameter copper made.

      Reflux very elementar (but I wanted to have that one very simple
      because I don't make vodka) made by a copper tube 12 mm diameter
      crossing the column at 8 cm from the head.

      Three thermometers: one on the boiler, one placed at bottom of column
      and one placed on the head of the column.

      A worm made by a tube 14 mm diameter made in AISI 316 L (stainless

      Lyne arm ( we call it swan neck) in copper and diameter 16 mm.

      I use it to distil only liquids.

      Distilling second wine at 10.5 % alcoholic degree I get from 54 lt of
      that wine (red wine) about 4.2 - 4.5 lt of acquavite at about 70 -
      73 % alcoholic degree.

      This because I toss a lot of heads and talis.

      I start to collect only when the head thermometer is at about 79 -
      79.5 °C and, at the same time, the alcoholometer (Gay Lussac
      alcoholometer) sign about 84 - 85 % alcoholic degree.

      But the last judge is my nose and my tongue.

      I stop to collect when the head thermometer is about at 92.5 °C,
      sometimes I arrive to 93 °C but for a short time.

      At the same time the alcoholic degree is at about 60 - 58 % and the
      boiler temperature is about at 97 °C.

      Anyway, also here my nose and my tongue are the last judges.

      I hope to be useful.

      Ciao a tutti

      micio felice

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      > It would actually be interesting to know the effects of internal
      > reflux to a potstill. This should be quite easy to estimate from a
      > standard whiskey mash ~7-8% ABV by the ABV of low wines and the
      > percentage of mash you collected as low wines. I usually get some 4
      > liters at ~30ABV from a 25 liters mash. This is with about 50cm
      > straight and empty column made of 42mm copper pipe and with 2kW
      > Anyone else wishing to share their setup? Maybe we can collect some
      > kind of a database to compare still constructions and results. This
      > would allow easier duplication of traditional whiskey runs using
      > easier to build equipment.
      > Cheers, Riku
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      > <miciofelice2003@> wrote:
      > >
      > > Ciao Wal.
      > >
      > > Yes, but in my opinion this helmet is, mostly, an historical
      > reminder
      > > of the old alhambics. A little bit of reflux can be there, but
      > so
      > > little ...
      > >
      > > >
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