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Re: [Bulk] [Distillers] Cornelius Keg for boiler

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  • Harry
    ... bead of ... ports with a ... attaching the ... washes or ... haven t ... thicker bead ... doesn t lend ... G day all, just as an aside, I was in my local
    Message 1 of 9 , Dec 18, 2007
      --- In Distillers@yahoogroups.com, Trid <triddlywinks@...> wrote:

      > If, in fact, a corny keg is being used...and if it were me:
      > The first thing I'd do is to replace all the rubber bits with a
      bead of
      > silicone. In the case of a boiler, I'd replace the in and out
      ports with a
      > silicone sealed bolt/washer rig to seal them up.
      > The large opening removable top has its potential with regards to
      attaching the
      > column and at the same time allowing a decent sized hole for chunky
      washes or
      > cleaning. If it seals poorly (bear in mind, I'm hypothesizing...I
      > actually done this to see if it actually works) I'd put a slightly
      thicker bead
      > of silicone where the rubber o-ring would normally go.
      > Trid
      > -though I'm with Brian...the narrow/tall geometry of a corny keg
      doesn't lend
      > well to an efficient boiler

      G'day all, just as an aside, I was in my local HBS and saw a new type
      of "Cornelius" keg. This one uses all the same size fittings but is
      lower and more squat and holds 23 litres. Even has the same size and
      shape hole in the top. Now I'm not saying this is any more suitable
      than the original Corny keg as a boiler for the same reasons as
      already stated, but as I understand it Corny kegs are no longer made
      and this satisfies those people that dispense their beer in them.

      kind regards and seasons greetings to all in the group, Harry (no,
      not that Harry)
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