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Re: Headline - Schoolie vodka binge lands teen in hospital

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  • bbornais
    I blame the parents :o ... with ... when ... when the ... in ... week ... was ... during ... last ... these ... and in ... they ... back ... most ... the ...
    Message 1 of 3 , Nov 22, 2007
      I blame the parents :o

      --- In Distillers@yahoogroups.com, Toni Smith <tonimarie@...> wrote:
      > do you really find this surprising? personally I don't especially
      > the way drinking is portrayed in the media. and the other thing is
      > something is banned it only makes it more attractive especially
      when the
      > reasoning is just simply age.
      > I have done a few stints of taxi driving the first of which started
      > 99 and finished in 2001. all that time I was doing 80-100 hours a
      > of night shift (e.g. mostly taking drunks home). the last one which
      > 3 months late last year was way different to when I first drove.
      > the first time yeah I would see a few going stupid but not like
      > year. this time it was literally tearing up the footpath and then
      > across the road without even a glance and there were at least 6 of
      > sort of pedestrians hit and killed. I narrowly avoided one myself
      and in
      > doing so almost put a passenger into the windscreen. no something
      > didn't have before was the restrictions on how late you could get
      > into the club so they are binge drinking harder than ever now. then
      > places don't have anywhere for smokers that is not off premises so
      > binge drinking just gets heavier and heavier. the younger ones are
      > hearing about it and trying to emulate their slightly older peers
      > can get into the clubs without the safety of the premises and
      > and bar staff to say you have had to much or that is not a safe way
      > consume alcohol.
      > I have also worked behind bars and been unofficial security in a
      > memorial club (read door person) and I can honestly say that the
      > atmosphere even amongst the drinkers that are over age but still
      > the mood has changed to drinking harder so that they can get as
      much in
      > before they try to get to the next club before lock down......none
      > these regulations work. they instead make the situation worse. so
      how do
      > you stop them. fines don't work nor does making it illegal for them
      > buy it. they just get someone else to buy it for them. this also
      > compound the problem with some of them once they do reach an age
      > they are allowed to drink. so how do you really stop it?
      > it is a dilemma that regulation on regulation on regulation is not
      > to help but would also removing all the regulations work either.
      and the
      > current lot of eduction programs about drinking certainly aren't
      > stopping them any more than the same sort of programs are slowing
      > smoking or drugs.
      > so what is the answer?
      > I really don't think _*Anyone*_ in power has it
      > Toni
      > wal wrote:
      > > Dear Distillers,
      > >
      > > You have been sent this article link by wal courtesy of smh.com.au
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      > > Personal Message: A "schoolie" is a final year high school
      student celebrating the end of exams. A new Oz custom?
      > >
      > > Schoolie vodka binge lands teen in hospital
      > >
      > > November 22, 2007 - 1:55PM
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      > > To view the entire article, click on:
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