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RE: [BULK][Distillers] Re: Aging whiskey with oak chips and temperatures

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  • coyote
    Distillery OLDER than U.S.A.-----23 Yrs. Before the birth of the nation. Its old motto was, THE WHISKEY THAT WARMED THE REVELOUTION ! CHECK IT
    Message 1 of 17 , Nov 21, 2007
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      Distillery OLDER  than U.S.A.-----23  Yrs. Before the birth of the nation.  Its  old  motto was,




                CHECK IT OUT---------------------------------------http://us.geocities.com/ybfowler/legacy.htm

      Yes Toni,

      Your 100% correct - Jack Daniels, located in Lynchburg, Tenn., Not
      Lynchburg, Va (which i live near - and btw, that name give me the
      shudders lol), keeps their barrels in outside buildings relying on
      temperature differentials (as much as 10F in winter to over 100F in
      summer) to age their whiskeys.

      Being the home of the nation's (good ol' US of A) oldest registered
      distillery and placed on the National Register of Historic Places,
      they wont even acknowledge George Dickels as another Tennessee
      Whiskey LOL...

      See my posting - msg # 40939 for the concept behind these drastic
      temperature changes. Have been Drinkin Jacks ol' Number 7 for
      many, many years now (that number is a whole nother story - see if
      ya can figure it out :):):).

      Vino es Veritas and Happy Holidays,

      --- In Distillers@yahoogro ups.com, Toni Smith <tonimarie@. ..> wrote:
      > personally I am not sure on this but I do remember someone on here
      > saying that Jack Daniels barrels are somewhat exposed to the
      > and get quite large temperature variations. so guys please correct
      me if
      > I am wrong and misread the post a few weeks back.
      > Toni
      > easythreesix wrote:
      > > Question on aging in jars with charred oak chips. First off,
      will the
      > > resulting taste mirror barrel aging? Second, when aging does it
      > > if the temp goes below a certain temp? On a few distillery tours
      > > been to (George Dickel and Woodford Reserve), they both say that
      > > don't like their whiskey going below 40 Faren. That being said,
      > > I keep my jars indoors during the winter so they don't drop down
      > > low, or just leave them outdoors and let nature take it's
      > > Thanks for any feedback guys.
      > >
      > > Easy

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