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RE: [Distillers] Please clarify for a newbie

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  • Tony & Elle Ackland
    ... so i ... I know that Mikes written that, and I ve read it in a couple of other places, but I m still suspicious. I d love to see a GLC run on some good
    Message 1 of 3 , Jan 4, 2002
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      > Yes in Mike Nixons new book he says that there is no methanol in a sugar
      > based wash ....if there was it would come out before the acetate anyway
      so i
      > think you can be sure that there in no methanol in your final spirit..

      I know that Mikes written that, and I've read it in a couple of other
      places, but I'm still suspicious. I'd love to see a GLC run on some good
      clean sugar wash, and actually know the concentrations.

      It may not be methanol, but there is still something in the heads. I can
      definately smell acetone (nail polish remover), if I let the column run
      under total reflux for 15-20 min, then take off the heads dripwise.
      Likewise in the temperatures - they still hang round below 78C until this
      material is removed, so it is something different to ethanol.

      Yoda - I'd still discard the first 50-100mL that you collect off a 20L
      wash, just to throw away this first impurity(s). Even if its not
      hazardous, it still tastes bad, and you don't want that corrupting your
      nice clean spirit. Given that you're then going on to collect 3L+ of
      spirit, its not a large cost for the peace of mind & ease on the tastebuds
      it gives.

      Again - let your nose guide you - as you collect the heads, periodically
      let a few drips run onto the back of a spoon, and give them a sniff. If
      they smell bad - throw that portion away. If its agreeable, only then keep

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