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  • Sam
    Yahoo groups is a free service, there are no costs involved. Just your time and if you don t want to give it don t get involved with it. If you want to
    Message 1 of 7 , Sep 28, 2007
      Yahoo groups is a free service, there are no costs involved.  Just your time and if you don't want to give it don't get involved with it.  If you want to donate give it to the Cancer Society, or some other worthwhile cause, distilling sprits is fun and rewarding but it is not a cause.  In fact over the long haul it is a liability to the social structure and economy of our society.
      Hi Group,
      We have over 3000 members, and while we all want our group to remain voluntary and free, I would like to propose that members who can afford it all donate $5 to the group. The money to be used to affray Harry,s expenses for running this great forum at considerable cost to himself. Some of the money could be used to explore new technologies. I am thinking of alternative methods etc
      I am quite happy to donate a few kits that would enable one to make a fully working still if the recipient will supply the tube and the boiler. These could take the form of a lottery.
      I have not asked Harry about this and I hope he will forgive me if I have overstepped the mark. I was only thinking to repay the great education, not to mention the fun I have had since joining this group.
      Other members thoughts would be appreciated.


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