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Oak kegs

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  • Terry
    Any one know what temps and humidity oak kegs could or should be stored at? (full oak Kegs)
    Message 1 of 34 , Sep 27, 2007
      Any one know what temps and humidity oak kegs could or should be stored
      at? (full oak Kegs)
    • Robert Hubble
      Zymurgy Bob, a simple potstiller ... Subject: RE: [Distillers] Re: Get togethers ... I just got off the phone with my most recent corruptee (and I think
      Message 34 of 34 , Oct 4 9:21 PM
        Zymurgy Bob, a simple potstiller

        >To: Distillers@yahoogroups.com
        >From: triddlywinks@...
        >Date: Tue, 2 Oct 2007 19:16:53 -0700
        Subject: RE: [Distillers] Re: Get togethers

        >--- Robert Hubble <zymurgybob@...> wrote:
        >> Like a lot of us, I'd dearly love to have a tasting get-together, so I'm
        >> corrupting some friends to achieve a local group of stillers. The social
        >> taste-the-fractions/make-the-cut parties are great for objective evaluation
        >> of a product, and just sippin' and musin'.

        >Unfortunately, I don't have too many friends who would really "get" a little
        >stillin' party ('cept one...and I sometimes still at his house). I need to
        >work on that. However, as the skill improves, fewer people cringe when I
        >present the "here, taste this" and even so far as to actively ask what's new/

        I just got off the phone with my most recent corruptee (and I think there's
        one more in the pipeline) in the process of doing his second run (aside from
        tests) on his brand new 16-gallon potsill. He was beerstripping (but slowly)
        a turbo-sugar wash, and at 86C head temp (when our conversation ended),
        he says the product was sweet and smooth.

        >> A few months ago, in Portland, Oregon, there was some sort of distillers'
        >> convention. At the time I thought it was strictly for commercial (legal)
        >> practitioners, but some scuttlebutt makes me think that perhaps it included
        >> lots of us bandit distillers. I think maybe I missed a good bet by not
        >> attending.


        >>Looking through the roll call of ADI's 2007 conference, (
        >>http://distilling.com/attendees2007.html ) it appears that nearly 1/4 of the
        >>attendees aren't affiliated with a distillery or organization. When I was in
        >>Portland touring Rogue, our guide was David Cook (in attendance at the
        >>conference) and afterward, when I mentioned aspirations of my own, he
        >>recommended getting in with ADI. He also said that a noticeable number were
        >>(to paraphrase) guys in mid-life crises or retired and thought a distillery
        >>might be a fun project, having no clue what it entails. I also noticed that
        >>Ian Smiley was in attendance...to pick his brain might be worth the $250 alone

        I agree about Smiley. My copy of his book is looking pretty used.

        I looked through that list, and was surprised to see not very many John Doe-
        looking names, or hotmail addresses. Go figure. If I went to the conference,
        I'd consider wearing Groucho glasses, with the fake nose and bushy eyebrows.
        I'd be kinda bashful around a group full of "targets of opportunity"

        >>[1] Thank you Sir, may I have another?

        Zymurgy Bob
        A simple potstiller
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