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Danziger Goldwasser/Gdanska Zlota Woda/Eau d'Or

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  • walter jacobson
    Isha sent through Tony Ackland a Polish site containing recipes for liqueurs and meads. It also contains two articles on bimber or Polish illicit spirit.
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      'Isha' sent through Tony Ackland a Polish site containing recipes for liqueurs and meads. It also contains two articles on "bimber" or Polish illicit spirit. Home distillation is illegal in Poland and equipment and ingredients are difficult to obtain. For those who speak Polish see:
      What caught my eye was a recipe for Goldwasser (German)  or Zlota Woda (Polish).
      Goldwasser was first produced in 1598 in the Prussian port of Danzig (now Polish Gdansk). It contains infusions of botanicals with flakes of real gold, which makes it a unique liqueur.
      "Goldwasser or Danziger Goldwasser to give it its archetypal name, recalls the great Catalan physician Arnaldo de Villanova who, in the 13 th century, is reputed to have cured the
      Pope of a dangerous illness by giving him an elixir containing specks of gold."
      (Spirits & Liqueurs Cookbook)
      There was for a time a silver version - Silberwasser. Liqueur d'Or or Eau d'Or was a now extinct French version. A Danziger Goldwasser is made in Germany,  while the Polish Distillery Polmos makes a Goldwasser (Zlota Woda) not in Gdansk, but in Poznan, from esential oils according to the label. There is a Swiss version containing gold flakes but which has a strong cinnamon character, which does not resemble the Polish or German versions. For those who want to make an impression as a 'Goldfinger' or want to cure a dangerous illness, gold flakes can still be obtained. Here are the Polish and French versions. Note that the Polish version relies only on maceration, as a double home distillation is illegal.
      Goldwasser - zlota woda
      Ingredients for 1 litre of liqueur.
      35 ml 'Goldwasser Essence'
      450 g sugar
      25 ml cognac
      430 ml alcohol 95%bv
      60 g water
      'Goldwasser Essence'
      5 g star anise
      2 g cinnamon
      3 g nutmeg
      1 g cloves
      1 g cardamon
      4 g coriander
      4 g melissa
      4 g peppermint
      1 g rosemary
      6 g lemon peel
      8 g orange peel
      500 ml alcohol 55%bv
      Dilute 300 ml 95%bv alcohol with 210 ml water, making 500 ml alcohol 55%bv.
      Place botanicals in a jar, add alcohol and macerate for 2-3 weeeks. Strain and keep in a warm place.
      Add sugar dissolved in the water, to Essence. Add cognac and alcohol 95%bv. Add water to make 1 litre and leave for 4-6 months.
      Filter and add gold flakes.
      Eau d'Or
      60 g cinnamon (cassia)
      60 g aniseed
      50 g juniper
      30 g nutmeg
      30 g orris root
      30 g rosemary flowers
      20 g cardamon
      20 g cloves
      peel from 10 lemons
      peel from 5 oranges
      12 litres (3 U.S. gals) alcohol 85%bv
      3 l water
      Double distill.
      Color lightly yellow with saffron.
      Add gold flakes.
      Perfume with orange blossom water.

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