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Re: perfect peach

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  • jamesonbeam1
    PS. There is no such an animal as a perfect peach recipe - anymore then a perfect fried chicken recipe or pickle recipe lol. Ive made some wines (and
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      PS. There is no such an animal as a "perfect peach recipe" - anymore
      then a perfect fried chicken recipe or pickle recipe lol. Ive made
      some wines (and pickles) that i loved and my friends hated and visa
      Also, those are real people with real ideas on home distillers - Ive
      talked to a few and they are usually more knowlegable then me :-).
      As me mother used to say: "Everyone to their own taste said the old
      lady as she kissed the cow...." ROTFLMAO.

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      > > I own a turbo stomper mustang electric still that i bought from
      > > stilldrinkin.com. I have had several stills from 2 gallon to 30
      > gallons
      > > and I love this little 15 gallon one i bought from these guys. I
      > > made plenty of sugar runs and lots of grain and sweet feed runs.
      > i
      > > want to move into fruits and natural flavors. I mostly want a
      > > peach brandy or peach flavor I can run through this still. I want
      > > know if anyone has any good peach recipes or any good info on a
      > perfect
      > > peach run for 15 gollons or more. I,ve looked on the home
      > web
      > > page and liked what they have on there but wanted some feed back
      > > real people and real ideas!
      > >
      > Well actually, the page on fruit mashes in Home Distillers has some
      > very good suggestions. After making fruit wines for over 40 years,
      > about the only additional suggestions I can make would be:
      > - Learn how to make a good wine, in order to make a good brandy !!
      > - Wine Recipes for peach wine call for 2 - 2 1/2 lbs fruit per
      > but for a distilled brandy, you might want to double this to get
      > full flavors comming through (use very ripe - or windfall fruit ;-).
      > - Make sure you pitt the peaches and discard any bruises and the
      > reddish flesh around the pits in case some of the off-flavors (and
      > cyanide) have leached through.
      > -Go the boiling route - not the camden tablet route since those
      > sulfates are a no-no lol (keep skins on), Then mash as fine as
      > possible - no reason to freeze first.
      > -Add distilled water to make up 1 gallon per amount of fruit.
      > -Use about a tablespoon of yeast nutrients per gallon.
      > -Use enough acid blend to get the ph to around 4 - 5.
      > -Throw some Tannin in - about 1/8 teaspoon per gallon - or a tea
      > per gallon does the trick.
      > -Some people dont use pectin enzymes - i do - 1/2 tsp / gallon.
      > -After letting the mash sit for about 24 hours, take a straining
      > and get all the pulp out. This way it wont screw up your SG.
      > -Add enough sugar to get the SG. up to about 12% - 14% potential
      > Too much alcohol in your mash will cause losing some flavors in
      > distilling. LALVIN 71B-1122/1116 or champaigne yeasts work fine.
      > -Let ferment in primary till around SG of .97 then put in a
      > for a couple of weeks (if you can wait ;-). Above all remember
      > cleanliness is next to godliness !! - wash all containers and
      > in suphate or clorine solution and rinse well.
      > -Your Mustang Turbo should work okey - but keep reflux as low as
      > possble. Good brandies are usually made in a pot still - ie. -
      > brandies and their Calvados (apple brandy). Also, you might try
      > some peach juice and pure spirit into your attached thumper for
      > flavors.
      > -Add some charred oak chips to your final product and let age for
      > 6-8 weeks (again if you can wait ;-).
      > - Add distilled water to get abv. to 40 - 50% and ENJOY!!!!
      > Vino es Veritas,
      > Jameson Beam
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