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    ... From wikipedia... http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Rum_Rebellion Bligh and MacArthur s interests clashed in a number of ways. Bligh stopped Macarthur from
    Message 1 of 25 , Jun 26, 2007
      --- waljaco <waljaco@...> wrote:

      > Bengal Rum was imported into the early Australian
      > colony - became a
      > form of currency. Look up Rum Rebellion.

      From wikipedia...

      Bligh and MacArthur's interests clashed in a number of
      ways. Bligh stopped Macarthur from cheaply
      distributing large quantities of wine to the Corps. He
      also halted Macarthur's allegedly illegal importation
      of brewing stills.


      "The Rum Rebellion has slipped into historical
      oblivion because it is widely misunderstood. It is
      popular belief that the autocratic Bligh was removed
      because he threatened the huge profits that were being
      made from trading in spirits by the officers of the
      NSW Corps and by businessmen such as John Macarthur.
      This view suggests it was nothing more than a squabble
      between equally unsavoury parties. The conflict had
      greater depth than such squabbles. Essentially it was
      the culmination of a long-running tussle for power
      between government and entrepreneurs, a fight over the
      future and the nature of the colony. The early
      governors wanted to keep NSW as a large-scale open
      prison, with a primitive economy based on yeomen
      ex-convicts and run by government fiat."[7]

      Duffy goes on to say that the Rebellion was not
      thought of at the time as being about Rum:

      "... almost no one at the time of the rebellion
      thought it was about rum. Bligh tried briefly to give
      it that spin, to smear his opponents, but there was no
      evidence for it and he moved on. Many years later, in
      1855, an English Quaker named William Howitt published
      a popular history of Australia. Like many
      teetotallers, he was keen to blame alcohol for all the
      problems in the world. Howitt took Bligh's side and
      invented the phrase Rum Rebellion, and it has stuck
      ever since."[7]

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