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  • Harry
    Yahoo! Groups Team Blog The Product Team Responds to Your Feedback We ll admit, it has been a rough week here at Yahoo! Groups. We read your feedback and
    Message 1 of 1 , Mar 29, 2007

      Yahoo! Groups Team Blog

      The Product Team Responds to Your Feedback

      We'll admit, it has been a rough week here at Yahoo! Groups. We read your feedback and we're aware that disabling IFrames and embed tags in the group descriptions was an unpopular decision. We know that the glitch that caused yesterday's multiple delivery bug was disruptive and made many of you very angry. We'd like to apologize for the bad feelings caused, and tell you a little bit more about what happened.
      Topping off an already difficult week was the mail delivery bug that caused many group members to receive multiple copies of group mail. We sincerely apologize for this bug, which was introduced when we were working to increase mail delivery speed (one of our biggest user requests). We pushed a fix at midnight March 29 (Pacific time), but unfortunately at that point a backlog of mail was still being delivered. We're confident that the bug is fixed on our end— however some ISPs may still be delivering backlogged mail to some users. We're monitoring your comments and appreciate you letting us know your group's status here.
      We understand your frustration and appreciate your feedback regarding the use of IFrames in Yahoo! Groups. To better protect our users against online threats such as malicious "phishing" attacks, we made the difficult decision to no longer support IFrames at this time. A list of HTML tags that are still supported in group messages and group descriptions can be found here. Read more about how to protect yourself from phishing and how to report it.
      We are looking into alternative options to enable groups to further customize their pages, and in an ideal world we would have been able to wait until those changes were in place before disabling the IFrames functionality. We regret that we could not give our users more advance notice about the change, but the nature of the security issue was such that protecting our users was the greater priority.
      In response to the IFrames decision, some of you suggested that we allow more characters in the group description and allow <embed> tags again. Unfortunately, because the group description must be compatible with so many pages on Yahoo! Groups, such a change is not a simple one, and is not something we can implement in the near future. We do appreciate your thoughtful feedback and encourage you to vote and comment on the existing suggestion rather than creating new ones.
      Please know that we don't make product decisions lightly, and we don't take your loyalty to Yahoo! Groups for granted. Your feedback helps us prioritize issues and feature requests, and we appreciate you sticking with us through the bumps in the road.
      Lee Clancy, Director of Yahoo! Groups Product Management
      Gordon Strause, Yahoo! Groups Product Manager
      Maria Saltz, Yahoo! Groups Product Manager
      Thursday March 29, 2007 - 02:50pm (PDT) Permanent Link | 17 Comments

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