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Re: [Distillers] ADMIN MSG: Homepage changes :(

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  • Link D'Antoni
    Harry, Can you include Tony s site as one of the links (no pun intended) at the bottom of each post along with Messages , Files , Photos , and Polls ?
    Message 1 of 4 , Mar 27, 2007

      Can you include Tony's site as one of the 'links' (no
      pun intended) at the bottom of each post along with
      'Messages', 'Files', 'Photos', and 'Polls'?


      --- Harry <gnikomson2000@...> wrote:

      > And another handy facility bites the dust.
      > Just received this msg from Yahoo! It means we
      > will no longer be able to display Tony's site or the
      > Library in frames on the homepages. Therefore
      > newcomers will have to find these sites on their
      > own, or BE TOLD several hundred times in posts.
      > WTF is wrong with these Yahoo! Groups Team people?
      > Their system gets worse by the day!
      > Slainte!
      > regards Harry
      > Msg follows...
      > Dear Yahoo! Groups User:
      > Starting March 26, 2007, you'll notice a few changes
      > when you log into
      > your Group.
      > - In the past we have allowed group owners to
      > customize their home
      > pages using IFrames
      > (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/IFRAME). In order
      > to better protect our users against online threats
      > (learn more about
      > online threats here: http://security.yahoo.com/),
      > we can no longer
      > support IFrames. If you currently use IFrames to
      > display another web
      > page on your group's home page, it will no longer
      > appear. See the
      > Yahoo! Groups Team blog
      > (http://blog.360.yahoo.com/y_groups_team) to
      > learn what HTML tags are allowed to help
      > personalize your group
      > description.
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