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Re: RUM (again)

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  • Graham
    Harry, You say 20 litres of dunder which seems like a helluva lot to me. I ve been using two litres for a twenty five litre mash. Obviously I need to
    Message 1 of 5 , Mar 24, 2007
      Harry, You say 20 litres of dunder which seems like a helluva lot to
      me. I've been using two litres for a twenty five litre mash.
      Obviously I need to increase this component.

      Nice tip about the freezer.


      --- In Distillers@yahoogroups.com, "Harry" <gnikomson2000@...> wrote:
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      > >
      > > Thank you very much Harry,
      > >
      > > It seems it is like voodoo, not many poeple want to do it like it
      > > should be done. I relize now its not about yield but flavor and
      > it
      > > takes time to do all this I guess
      > .......BRAVO! Give that man a cee-gar! The sooner everyone
      > realises this, the sooner they'll be making a better quality (and
      > flavorful) rum than the commercial offerings. :)
      > , so now, what should I do? Find a
      > > good recipe/method for a 25 L beer fermenter and a 50 L bin.
      > Harry I
      > > know you have done 50 L molasses washes before, are you willing to
      > > share your recipe for that size?
      > ...........10 litres molasses, 20 litres hot water, 20 litres
      > dunder, juice of 2 lemons, 3 or 4 multi-B-vitamins for good measure,
      > just in case the molasses is lacking anything (extra doesn't hurt. I
      > use those big "Berocca" morning after fizzies). Clarify the
      > molasses overnight with the first 20 L hot water. Next day set up
      > the fermenter (it needs to be a 60 litre container to leave room for
      > foaming), add everything else (minus the sludge), aerate with a
      > vigorous stir-up, pitch the yeast (use plenty; I use anything up to
      > 300 gms of granulated bakers, rehydrated). Airlock it, then stand
      > back. :)
      > Or is it better to do smaller
      > > batches and to get a better dunder quicker? I suppose that sounds
      > > better.
      > ........Small batches for a start, until you get a feel for it.
      > Then up the size. BTW, here's a little tip. If you've got the room
      > in your freezer (I have), dunder will keep perfectly for up to a
      > year. Just thaw & go. (ain't modern technology marvellous?).
      > >
      > > Harry what is the price of molasses in FNQ, here I'm paying AUD
      > $5.10
      > > for 6 kg including the pale/bucket with a lid. It's the good
      > > molasses no fertlizer in it.
      > ..........That's reasonable. Ya gotta let 'em make a little money,
      > otherwise they don't supply for long. I get mine for
      > AUD$15 /20litres, bring my own container. I know in the North here
      > (sugar mills all around me) I could buy it thru the mill & growers
      > in 200 litre drums for about $30 (very cheap), but what the hell
      > would I do with that much? I'd probably lose most of it to
      > infections before I got to use it! That's over 2 years worth of
      > distillin' & drinkin' material, and that's just for rum alone! I
      > like a bit of whisky occasionally too, so the 200 litre drums I
      > leave alone. Why chase cheap? Get what you need, as you need it.
      > To me that's cost-effective.
      > The guy I buy from runs a live stock
      > > shop but is a wine producer as well, we talk about crap for ages
      > > untill he relizes nothing is getting done and tells to piss off
      > > untill next time!
      > >
      > > Other wise I should use your volumes mix, as below?
      > >
      > > Cheers
      > > Marc
      > Slainte!
      > regards Harry
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