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Re: [Distillers] Fwd: "West Indian Molasses"

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  • Robert Thomas
    Very interesting, as usual with your posts, Wal! ... Cheers, Rob. ____________________________________________________________________________________ Now
    Message 1 of 2 , Mar 19, 2007
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      Very interesting, as usual with your posts, Wal!

      --- waljaco <waljaco@...> wrote:

      > The lees or feculencies
      > remaining in the still, and which are called 'dunder', serve all the
      > purposes of yeast in the fermentation. The attenuating properties of
      > the ferment are such that the materials with which it is mixed yield
      > a
      > much greater proportion of spirit than could be obtained if they were
      > fermented without it. It is consequently carefully collected, and,
      > when the distilling season is over, preserved in such quantiities as
      > will fill almost all of te fermenting vats. It soon becomes covered
      > with so thick a film as to exclude the air, and the sediment leaves
      > the intermediate fluid pure and of a bright amber colour, which, when
      > carefully drawn off, is employed as already described in proportions
      > suited to the nature of the fermentation. Dunder has a somewhat
      > bitter
      > taste; it is claimed that it increases considerably the aroma of the
      > rum.


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