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  • hansjd30@yahoo.com
    Hi. I would like to show some photos, but I can t seem to make the photo section work. Can somebody give me some easy to follow instructions on how to get
    Message 1 of 1 , Nov 28, 2001
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      Hi. I would like to show some photos, but I can't seem to make the
      photo section work. Can somebody give me some easy to follow
      instructions on how to get photo's from my computer to this site.
      Allthough the still is not totaly finished (at some stage I will fit
      some sort of jug element plug box for the four elements)I really
      needed to make some alcohol for Christmas.I replaced the marbles with
      84 yes 84 s/s pot scrubers. Teased them out to fit the whole 150 mm
      dia.My last wash did not come out very well. Had it in a room ubove
      the garage which does not have a ceiling in it. Room got hot, wash
      got hot, and S/G finnished at 1. Total of 75 liters. Very disapointed
      to say the least. Would have loved a good wash for the first run.
      Tasted and smelled OK so put wash into the still,but not expecting
      very much. 1Hr 20min later started colecting the foreshots and then
      the heads etc.I had allready decided to run the still flat out (6000
      watts) to flood it on purpose, just to see what or how it happen
      incase if it did happen in the future I would realise what was
      happening.Guess what? I couldn't make it flood.The diameter of the
      tower must be large enough to stop that from happening.When the
      thermometer reached 78deg and I opened her up the alcohol came out
      too hot with vapor. The water in the 900mm tube condencer was opened
      right up max and I had to put more water through the heat exchange
      unit to stop the vapor coming through.I then held the glass 100mm
      measure tube in the stream and it filled in 50 seconds.By my maths
      thats 7.2 liters / hour. A corrected adv of 95%.I kid you not. After
      about 10 mins it setteled down to 6 Ltrs/Hr and stayed there for a
      while. I have put another thermometer in the lid of the just to see
      what happens through out the distilling process. The foreshots
      started coming of at 90 deg and the temp steadally rose as the temp
      on top of the tower stayed at 78 deg. With this heat exchange unit I
      was able top keep the temp below 82 deg as the temp in the boiler
      rose to 100 deg, the alcohol flow then vertually stoped. Final abv of
      93 deg. the smell of the heads first came of very sweet and clean
      smelling,and I thought I won't have to carbon this, but gradully the
      smell got stronger and stronger. I would think that is from the yeast
      getting hotter and hotter. Would this be right? Just goes to show the
      cleaner the wash, and the higher the abv, the cleaner sweeter and
      better tasting alcohol you will get. Does anyone do more than turbo
      cleaning their wash, possably putting it through a 1 micron filter,
      or is this just going overboard as the carbon will take the flavours
      and smells out anyway.
      It is obvious I need to cut back to 2 or 3 elements (3000 or 4500
      watts) at the start, but because it didn't flood do you think it
      would help if more s/s scrubers where fitted. I think I could fit in
      about another 40. Would this increase the HETP and help the cleaning
      of the alcohol as it went up the tower.
      The yeasty smell in the tower after finnishing! How do you get rid of
      it? Or is it OK to leave it in there.I have been told it will not get
      any worse, but if it is easy enough to do I would like to get rid of
      it after every distillation. Will caustic soda get rid of it.
      What I thought was a bad wash turned out OK. 12 Ltrs.
      Don't give up to soon if you have a problem.
      How do you tell the difference between heads middle and tails, is it
      smell or abv.
      More Questions another time.
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