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    thanks for the kind words---yes i am very happy to pass on any help if it doesn t breach int.property---a pleasure ... have been involved with fuel
    Message 1 of 1 , Oct 28 12:59 AM
      thanks for the kind words---yes i am very happy to pass
      on any help if it doesn't breach int.property---a pleasure
      ---over my 37 yrs in the industry have been fortunate to
      have been involved with fuel ethanol,ess. oils,solvent
      retieval,flavours,fragrances,soft drink[god forbid],eau de vie,calvados,
      grape spirit,cocktails,liqueurs,and of course single malt.
      look at www.bushflavours.tassie.net.au and that is
      a co. we started and sold recently.
      without question the best non-commercial web site for our interest is
      tony acklands www.geocities.com/BourbonStreet./Bayou/2588/distill.htm
      and yes the b+s+the other b are capitals----trust me i'm a distiller
      many people ask for persoal recommendations--stills="the moonshine"
      still------books=spirits unlimited wheeler and willmott----flavours==
      noroit ,country squire.-------for a reasonable whisky without the long term
      maturation try this-----brew an all grain or malt extract wash using agood yeast like turbo, hyper or one of the wyeast family go forth no hops or
      especially no bloody sugar----when attenuated load into your pot still or DE-
      REFLUXED reflux still run out about one third of what you loaded in ,do that again ,then load back into still run out 200ml and throw away,thenthe next 5
      litres is the good bit and the next 10 litres,save and put back into wash run
      next time call these feints i'll mention them again in a minute---you can now take the 5 litres flavour it a little bit,put it in a small keg or flavour it with some oak essence,if kegging cut with water to around 40% or the angel's
      will get too much----back to feints you need to make some really before you start talk to me via this message board if you need help---many regards to all
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