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vapour capers

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  • burrows206
    Hi Link, You are quite correct the nurse was referring to constipation and you re right, it must be a cultural verbism issue. But pay no mind to me I m
    Message 1 of 1 , Nov 6, 2006
      Hi Link,
      You are quite correct the nurse was referring to constipation
      and you're right, it must be "a cultural 'verbism' issue." But pay
      no mind to me I'm only fooling about with the words. I don't for one
      minute doubt your hard earned knowledge. Which, I might add, from
      your postings on this forum is pretty extensive? You do and can
      bring up some extremely useful debatable valid points from your own
      distilling experience or give useful web links as possible answers,
      hence your forum name of: - Link? (You're playing with words as
      well) I also like your way of saying "I know what I know...
      everything else I don't!" statement I can closely relate to that
      I think Donald explains it in a fashion I can understand albeit
      not so deadly scientific I at least can understand and follow what he
      Just finished a run last night and got 3.200 litres of 94% abv
      from some "48 Hour Turbo" I could have got more but I don't like to
      get greedy so I always cut at 83° C and this keeps it clean and
      neutral and being the lazy guy I am there's no filtering to be done.
      I then turn up the heat and strip the tails to 96° C which then
      goes in my next batch. Heck what am I doing I'm telling my granny
      how to suck eggs here
      Don't take me too seriously Link and just keep enjoying your hobby
      like me every weekend.
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