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Matt Rowley's moonshine book

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  • Harry
    I ve just had an email from Matt Rowley. Some of you may recall he was the guy who asked these groups about contacting shiners for material for his new book.
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      I've just had an email from Matt Rowley.  Some of you may recall he was the guy who asked these groups about contacting 'shiners for material for his new book.  Well it seems he's still with us.  He hasn't vanished in the everglades or the smoky mountains. <BG>
      Here's part of the message, showing a link to a favourable New York Times article on the subject...
      "That beginning distillers' book that was supposed to be out last year is finally off to the printer. I'm getting color proofs next week and then they're shooting for a May release. It's gotten some kind words from the Lee brothers in the New York Times (www.nytimes.com/2006/10/22/magazine/22food.html), but the coolest thing about the research is that the day after the NYT article appeared, home distillers in the US and Canada tracked me down to an old email address I rarely use but is floating around the net - they were sharing stories about their own experiences, telling me about their stills, and nearly all of them hoping for the day when their hobby might be legalized."
      regards Harry

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