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Vapour Management Still

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  • burrows206
    Hi Guys, A couple of years ago in my bid to learn all things distilling. I downloaded a joint article from Ed or known then on the forums as Wromg Button an
    Message 1 of 1 , Sep 27, 2006
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      Hi Guys,
      A couple of years ago in my bid to learn all things
      distilling. I downloaded a joint article from Ed or known then on
      the forums as "Wromg Button" an Amphora Society member and Mike
      Nixon of the Amphora Society Admin.
      It was about a "Vapour Management Still" its conception, its
      birth and its eventual productivity. I converted it to a pdf file
      to keep it safe on my old computer as I thought it was a good
      article and was real interesting. (Then and now)
      I thought it had a certain amount of pictorial value to Joe's
      and Phil's question about Vapour Management Stills.
      I have emailed Mike Nixon and Harry and they have both given me
      their respective permissions to firstly use and secondly to upload
      it to the files section of the forum. (I have included Mike's reply
      below). The whole file is in itself pretty self explanatory.
      But it's the detailed photos and notes on the work in progress
      that I find extremely interesting, and I think should be required
      reading in our bid to understand basic still design and theory. And
      on through to production
      It's not presented all shinny and squeaky clean. It's how it's
      really made in the raw, carbon burn marks, lumpy joints over long
      pipes (the lot) like on pages 8 and 9 but hey nothing that can't be
      cleaned and filed to length. You can always file a pipe shorter,
      but never file a pipe longer (funny that, it then becomes an exact
      I got Mike's surname wrong, hence the bit of banter on the
      first line

      Anyway Mike's reply:-

      Hi Geoff,

      First off, it's not Mike Stone ... it's that old fart Mike Nixon!
      John Stone was my business partner many years ago, hence the "Nixon-
      Stone" references to "Offset Head" designs, which I personally think
      is a better description than using people's names. John has since
      shuffled off to meet his Maker, and I now work with Mike McCaw.

      That article about Ed's still was put together by me and published
      on our website a while ago, but since taken down as it had been up
      for long enough and was taking up too much disc space at the
      server. He built it with advice from me (I developed the concept of
      Vapor Management, and coined that description), and was quite happy
      to have it published. I haven't heard from him for quite a while
      now, but reckon he's have no objections to it being republished on
      the Distillers' Forum (The main one the one moderated by Harry I
      presume?), nor would I. Copyright is strictly speaking shared
      between Ed and me, for he did the original draft and supplied most
      of the pics, and I put it all together with some additions to the
      pics (eg. the opening title pic "Lord of the Rigs". So please feel
      free to shove it onto the Distillers' database – particularly as
      you've done all the right things in first seeking permission. It's
      ratbags who pinch copyright pics from our website and then publish
      them without permission to show how "smart" they are that I can't
      abide. If Harry asks, you have my blessing to go forth and
      multiply! (BG) I've re-attached the files you sent for his benefit.

      Mike Nixon
      Email: admin@...
      Web: http://www.amphora-society.com
      Tel: +64-9-576 7467
      Fax: +64-9-577 4103
      27 September 2006
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