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Re: [Distillers] Bicarb mystery

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  • Robert Thomas
    If you have a stainless pot, Trid, then don t worry let it cool after stilling (enough to handle or over night) the dump and rinse well. I ve had no probs
    Message 1 of 8 , Aug 29, 2006
      If you have a stainless pot, Trid,
      then don't worry" let it cool after stilling (enough to handle or over
      night) the dump and rinse well. I've had no probs with my stainless

      --- Trid <triddlywinks@...> wrote:

      > --- Robert Thomas <whosbrewing@...> wrote:
      > > Trid,
      > > It sounds to me like the bicarb has mostly dissolved. this would be
      > due
      > > to unusually large amounts of water in the mix (from a distillate
      > > perspective - though not if you are adding half bottles of wine
      > etc).
      > It's the distillate of the half bottles, plus other runs that didn't
      > "work"...it's about 85% abv presently. I'm figuring that a good
      > portion of it
      > is a reaction to the pigments and/or some of the esters from the
      > portions that
      > were raw stripping runs.
      > > The colour change and general murkiness is caused by the
      > now-saturated
      > > bicarb solution being unable to dissolve the various coloured
      > > impurities as well as before.
      > Given its strength, I'm planning on cutting it with water. I half
      > expect to
      > see some preciptate when I do.
      > > I would just go ahead and distil it. But do bear in mind that once
      > this
      > > is boiling it will be converted from a saturated bicarb solution to
      > a
      > > strong carbonate (washing soda) solution, which is pretty caustic.
      > So
      > > watch the retention times on copper vesssels (and hands).
      > Hopefully cutting it prior to distillation will reduce the severity
      > of this,
      > but thanks much for the heads up. The boiler is stainless, so it
      > should hold
      > up for the few small batches, though I'll be mindful to minimize the
      > time the
      > spent wash remains in the boiler.
      > Thanks again for the input,
      > Trid
      > -if you're not part of the solution, you're part of the preciptate


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