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  • Deb
    Excellent book! I also recommend More Mountain Spirits . We have read both and the second has some good recipes. Those books mention many of the old-timers
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      Excellent book!  I also recommend "More Mountain Spirits".  We have read both and the second has some good recipes.  Those books mention many of the old-timers from my area.  Was a nice history lesson about the area we live in now and some really good tips :)

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      Actually,  some American moonshiners did use only corn and water (and yes I know what corn is, I was born and raised in the state of Nebraska) but anyway, if you have not already check out a book called "Mountain Spirits", it can be had on Amazon.com and is a great reference for moonshining.  The corn was sprouted (or malted) to a half inch which produced the sugar needed for fermentation.  This took much longer than a turbo and sugar but it can be done and in open barrels no less.
      My only question was if it can be done in a reflux as opposed to a pot still.

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       dino=couple of excellent books brewing by hornsey isbn 0-85404-568-6                                              brewing by lewis and young, chapman and hall isbn 0-412-26420-x dan=i would have very very grave doubts that ONLY corn [indian maize ] was used in the old days or even today as the starch requires conversion to a fermentable sugar [s] ,although i am an australian i have had quite some experience in the bourbon and rye whisky [whiskey] industries as a technical distiller [i still reckon rye whisky is outrageously under-rated] and corn needs either cane sugar to be fermented and the corn mainly adds only the flavour OR industrial enzymes to convert the corn starch OR as is modern practise UP TO 49% malted barley and/or some industrial enzymes ,atmospherically or pressure cooked and voila!!!!! lovely bourbon substrate david=lid on /lid off won't affect [effect] [why is english so hard] the entrained air/oxygen balance after it's in solution and attenuating ,co2 gas being driven off will take care of any wild yeasts incoming , if bugs send a brew off the little bludgers were in there to start with,yes you are dead right it quickly trips from aerobic to anaerobic and as you wisely said if you want a massive yeast crop at the expense of ethanol just keep aerating the wort steve =thankyou for the link on toluene this scandal in australia appears to be bigger than originally thought ray=another formulation which is very accurate and ALLOWS for the less dense portion[ethanol] in an average solution of wash is the sum of the difference of the o.g.-f.g. i.e. 50 x0.129 =6.45 regards to all brian
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