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RE: [Distillers] calling all pot still users

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  • D. C.
    Message 1 of 6 , Nov 2, 2001
      << Going by the Kiwi distillers guide: "Be ruthless about tossing the first
      50 mL (off a 20L wash) that you collect, as this contains any methanol
      (causer of hangovers " >>

      This is a good rule of thumb when working with a reflux/refractioning still,
      but when working with a pot still you tend to have more "nasties" come over.
      This number should be increased with a pot still.

      I admit that I know that I am throwing out a bit more than what I could try
      to save, but for my product, I'm willing to do that.

      This is interesting. I'm going to have to experiment a bit to see if my
      numbers are correct for my still. Thanks for sharing your experience.
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