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    Looked up Spirits & Cocktails by Dave Broom. In the section The use of Seeds and Nuts ,some of the liqueurs from spice seed and nuts it mentions are:
    Message 1 of 1 , Nov 1, 2001
      Looked up 'Spirits & Cocktails' by Dave Broom. In the section 'The
      use of Seeds and Nuts',some of the liqueurs from spice seed and nuts
      it mentions are:
      'Kummel' (Holland & Germany) uses caraway seeds.
      'Anisette' (France), 'Sambucca' (Italy) uses aniseed.
      'Malibu' uses coconut pulp
      'Amaretto' (Italy) uses bitter almond oil and crushed apricot pits.
      'Noisette' (France) uses green hazelnuts
      'Nocino' (Italy) uses green walnuts.
      'Madrono' (Spain) uses the essential oil from walnuts with alcohol.
      Almonds are part of the botanicals for Bombay Sapphire Gin which uses
      Therefore it appears you could use walnuts to make a liqueur either
      as an infusion with alcohol, or by redistilling crushed nuts in
      alcohol. The following recipes might suggest what quantity to use:
      'Almond Liqueur' (France)
      150g sweet almonds
      70g bitter almonds
      1 litre 40%vol alcohol
      500g sugar

      'Apricot Kernel Liqueur' (France)
      200g apricot kernels (they look like almonds)
      1 litre 40%vol alcohol
      250g sugar

      You might try the 'Madrono' to confirm that it uses mature walnuts.
      Post your results.

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