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Re: Info Article #2 - Creating Flavorful Spirits

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  • Harry
    ... not to ... constructive ... for an ... Thank you for the recognition, Rob. However I don t write these Info Articles. It s just stuff in my research
    Message 1 of 6 , Jan 30, 2006
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      --- In Distillers@yahoogroups.com, "Robert N" <dinks_c@y...> wrote:
      > Harry yet again, I am in ore of your knowledge on this subject,
      not to
      > mention the time it takes to research and read through the tomes of
      > knowledge to find such gems. Then the time it takes to write
      > answers to us that have less time to spend at such a worthy hobby.
      > Wondering how the authorities would take it if you were nominated
      for an
      > Australia Day Award (seriously) for your effort.
      > Yours in Spirit
      > Robert N

      Thank you for the recognition, Rob. However I don't write these
      Info Articles. It's just stuff in my research collection that I've
      picked up along the way. The Authors are at the top of the
      articles. I collect this stuff for posterity, and pass it on to
      distillers, because the internet is a fickle place. Many sites are
      here today, gone tomorrow, along with all that wonderful information.
      re the award nom...(blush) Please don't. I'm too old to be trying
      to make booze outta canned fruit & old socks in some nasty little
      cellblock. :-) (appreciate the thought, but)

      regards Harry
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