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RE: [Distillers] Benedictine and Scotch

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  • Ken
    You can get some great results from the Still Spirit range .for Whiskey I currently use the whiskey profile kit.basically you can taylor make the whiskey to
    Message 1 of 2 , Jan 27, 2006
      You can get some great results from the Still Spirit range .for Whiskey I
      currently use the whiskey profile kit.basically you can taylor make the
      whiskey to suit your taste, also a good recipe I have used for years is

      Soak for 6 weeks

      1 litre 40% ABV

      2 teaspoons of toasted Oak chips

      4 teaspoons of virgin Oak saw dust

      2 drops of liquid smoke

      Filter after 6 weeks and to a 1125ml bottle add 1 sachet of still spirit
      classic whiskey (Green) then top up with 40%ABV best left for a further week
      to allow flavours to blend.Usually I make up 5 litres at a time of the
      "soaked" alcohol and when filtered put another 5 down so that it is always
      on hand. Also when making whiskey based liqueurs this base can be used the
      give it real class usually I 50/50 is good, also good with the bourbon range
      you choose the percentages to give the taste you want

      Hope this helps

      Cheers Ken Mc

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      Subject: [Distillers] Benedictine and Scotch

      An open query:

      Has anybody had experiences with Still Spirits Dictine? In particular,
      any tricks or tweaks in making up a bottle of Benedictine with their Dictine

      Also, a recipe for a gutsy Scotch. There are many entries in the library
      but some of the tweaks with this spirit, if using the Still Spirits
      flavouring includes:

      * Use the more expensive essence - it is better.
      * Limit the proof to 43% abv.
      * Half fill the botle with the max strength spirit (ie: from the still)
      and put the amount of water needed to cut it in a saucepan plus 10% for
      evaporation. Add a tablespoon oak chips, teaspoon glucose and bring to a
      boil. Reduce heat, let simmer for 10 minutes continuously stiring. Let
      cool, strain and add to the spirit.
      * Add 10 - 15 mls cream sherry and shake well.

      This supposedly produces a drop ready to drink immediately which is what I
      like (for some reason, I cannot keep my booze in storage for a few months.
      It is like a challenge).

      Any personal experiences for these and even bourbon, etc. using Still
      Soirits products would be appreciated.

      Best regards,

      Bwyze (from the land down under where women roar and men thunder)

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