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Re: [Distillers] Recharging Activated Charcoal

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  • donald holcombe
    I have used this method to toast Oak chips. I think Ive seen it in some of the articles ive read about A.C. I like covering my A.C. on a cookie sheet with foil
    Message 1 of 3 , Dec 30, 2005
      I have used this method to toast Oak chips. I think Ive seen it in some of the articles ive read about A.C. I like covering my A.C. on a cookie sheet with foil . I dont get shrapnel from any water in the granuals popping.I use my oven when the wife isnt home. DONT tell !

      Robert Thomas <whosbrewing@...> wrote: A little knowledge goes a long way Blackrabbit, or alternatively it
      leads to ruin. You've got an interesting idea there, and I guess it
      should work. that said, what i do doesn't require open flames,
      scout-tins and the like. I rinse the AC with water, allow to drip dry
      and then put it in the oven in an open glass jar.
      Never any combustion, always active carbon. you've got to remember that
      almost everything in our hooch is somewhat water soluble, so most is
      washed out during the rinse. The rest evaporates with the entrained
      I like the way you're thinking though! we'll make a chemist of you yet!
      Happy NY

      --- exogate <blackrabbit.namespace@...> wrote:

      > I was recently digging into my organic chemistry book for next
      > semester and I noticed in the index it had a section on
      > carbon/activated charcoal. This is just a thought but after reading
      > through it, I remembered back to the old scout days and how we used
      > to
      > make carbon out of cotton cloth by placing it in a biscuit tin with
      > just a single hole in the top and placing it over an open flame. You
      > would watch for a small flame out the top of the tin and when that
      > little flame disappeared all that was left was carbon with very
      > little
      > or no impurities. Now this obviously cannot be used for filtration
      > of
      > any substance due to its small molecule size, you would end up with
      > tar in the bottom of your spirit but as a recharge method I wondered
      > if this might not be a good idea since the method strips all oxygen
      > away from what is in the tin you wouldn't have to worry about things
      > exploding or that unacounted for draft of air that comes in and
      > starts
      > your activated charcoal on fire, ending in disaster. I thought I
      > might just toss this out there as an idea for removing the small
      > impurities out of activated charcoal if it works you could keep the
      > temp low enough that the carbon wouldn't even be chemically disturbed
      > but it would loosen the impurities that are bound to the carbon
      > vaporizing them and passing them out through the hole in a somewhat
      > controlled method.
      > Please feel free to yey or ney this, I don't have any activated
      > charcoal on hand or I would try it first, perhaps someone has some
      > old
      > used up AC that they wouldn't mind putting to the crucible to test
      > the
      > method.
      > .br.


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