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Re: some reflux still questions

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  • Lindsay Williams
    A VM still is simple to build and control. Have a look at Photos/Lindsay for some ideas. But, as Riku says, Alex s EL design is very good too. Don t get hung
    Message 1 of 7 , Dec 1, 2005
      A VM still is simple to build and control. Have a look at
      Photos/Lindsay for some ideas. But, as Riku says, Alex's EL design is
      very good too.

      Don't get hung up over temp control. The wash will always boil at the
      temp dictated by the proportions of water to alcohol. Can't control
      this so why take its temp? You control purity (related to temp) by
      varying the amount of reflux. Like when you are running and see the
      temp start to climb, applying more reflux will stop and reverse the
      temp rise. More reflux forces more purity and thus keeps it at the
      etoh temp of around 78 deg C. But more reflux means slower take-off.
      Eventually, as the etoh gets exhausted, you will swap to tails taking
      mode and open up the speed by reducing reflux and letting the wash
      boil more vigorously. Of course, this phase will see the vapour temp
      rise quite quickly. So, yes, the column will pretty much take care of
      the temp with slow boil and highish reflux.

      You certainly will get a higher take-off rate with a 3" column. You
      will apply more power as well.

      Have fun! And ask more questions if you need.


      --- In Distillers@yahoogroups.com, "BEAU REBEL" <misfitrebel999@y...>
      > lindsay,
      > thanks for the advice. i couldnt find anything on a vm still.
      > i think i will just stick with the original design that i got the
      > idea from with only one condesor head. the reason i am worried
      > about temp control is because with my experince with the still i
      > used before, i had to keep a constant eye on the thermometer. but
      > i guess with a reflux design it sounds like it will pretty much
      > control the column temp itself, is that corect, or will there need
      > to be at least some sort of control in the column? the reason i
      > want to go with a wide column is so i can run large batches, and i
      > really dont want to run into an over power problem. i plan on using
      > a gas burner. so as long as i can keep it at a good steady rolling
      > boil it should be ok? do i need to moniter the boiler temp at all?
      > the plates question i got from homeditillers.com where it talks
      > about HETP. i am new to the reflux thing so i am trying to get as
      > much information as possible. thanks again.
      > BEAU J. REBEL
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