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Re:Grappa wannabe (was to polenta 222. subject grappa-brandy)

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  • miciofelice2003
    Ciao king pin. may I answer to you about tails? If you can smell something like a wet cardboard you already are in tails. You have to smell frequently and to
    Message 1 of 19 , Oct 31, 2005
      Ciao king pin.

      may I answer to you about tails?

      If you can smell something like a wet cardboard you already are in
      You have to smell frequently and to low your heat source, when you
      are around 92 °C head temperature.

      Tails are behind the corner and can suddenly jump into the distillate
      you collect, especially if you used a lot the reflux.
      You have to taste, too. Is better to taste diluting with the same
      volume of low-content-of- salts water.
      You can also rub with fingers (like counting money) a little bit of
      distillate: if you are in tails you will fill the distillate a little
      bit oily.

      Old people, and me too, are used to collect a little bit of
      distillate into the hands and then to strongly rub these ones and
      then to smell the hands. Be sure that if you are in tails you will
      smell very clearly the typical wet cardboard.

      Stop to collect at the end of 92 °C, when the temperature start to
      increase and point up.

      Don't regret to lose some drops: you can continue to distil till the
      alcohol is about 40 trl. Only you don't have to collect but to add to
      the next batch to distil.

      If your spirit is " cloudly" if diluted with water, don't worry: try
      to freeze (not in the fridge but in the freezer, at -20 °C or less)
      your distillate for 48 hours and then filter it with paper filter.
      At that temperature it form some "macromolecules" and so it's easy to
      lock them.

      If this method doesn't work you have only to distil one more time. Of
      course you have to dilute till 12 - 15 °trl your distillate.
      Next time use low content of salts water and you will reduce the
      possibility to have "clouds" into your distillate.

      Let me know about your distillate.


      micio felice

      P.S. May be my english isn't good or "rich": sorry for it but I
      learned only to 50 level of Shenker Method (smile)

      --- In Distillers@yahoogroups.com, king pin
      <kingpin_kingpin2001@y...> wrote:
      > I'm pleased to see Dan getting some help from the forum and that
      there are others interested in grappa. I, myself, made the still for
      this purpose alone and was pleased to learn other recepies and try
      dif things. Some very interesting info from Micio. I myself don't
      use a seperator from the pot and the pomace, I find with a lower
      heat, there is no burning of the pomace and the boiler. I do remove
      as many stems as possible though. I find the comments about cutting
      the final product interesting also. I'll be having to cut soon, just
      one more batch of pomace left to do. I may have left too much in
      regard to tails so I'm a bit concerned about clouding and what to
      use. In the old days, from what I've learned, they used the tails
      and late tails to cut the final product. I'm looking forward to
      hearing of Dans run and final taste test. Its nice to keep
      tradition. Now......when I have time and a good source for
      prunes....it'll be time to try my hand at prugna :))
      > morganfield1 <morganfield1@y...> wrote:--- In
      Distillers@yahoogroups.com, Henry Stamp <henrystamp@g...>
      > wrote:
      > >
      > > interesting post. how much product will you get from this 10
      > batch
      > > and how does it taste?
      > >
      > > -h
      > >
      > Hi Henry,
      > I should give you the mash bill first, not very complicated, 10
      > white, seedless grapes, 10 lbs. white sugar, and enough water to
      > bring liquid up to the 6 gal. mark on the fermenter. That gave me
      > O.G. of 1.07. Final was 1.000. I use Red Star Champaigne yeast for
      > all my stuff (will try bakers yeast on my next rum!) because of low
      > off flavor production (and I can pick it up just down the road!).
      > Having said that, I distill twice (packed column pot still), first
      > take is from 75% to 40%, second take is from 80% to 65%.
      > Now, I dilute mine to 50% then bottle. Before diluting, I get about
      > 2.4 ltrs. Most grappa is not diluted when bottled, but I perfer to
      > serve mine without the complimentary pitcher of ice water.
      > As for how it tastes, that's a matter of opinion. Tastes like
      > to me, but alittle smoother, and without that wet cardboard smell,
      > but wait, without that harsh edge, it's not grappa!!! To each his
      > own. What do ya want, have your cake and eat it, too!! (I've always
      > wondered what good cake is if you can't eat it?)
      > Tip one to the mysteries of life,
      > Morgan
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