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Re: [Distillers] Distilling questions

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  • Dean Thomas
    First thing first, Welcome to the groups you ve found the best place on the net. The correct place for you to start is
    Message 1 of 2 , Jul 27 5:35 AM
      First thing first, Welcome to the groups you've found the best place on
      the net.
      The correct place for you to start is


      And the best information can be found in the links at the bottom, That
      is home distiller and the archives
      you will find all the information you require to get started in those
      two links.

      Basically to make traditional whiskeys a pot still is used although I
      make a pretty mean bourbon with a reflux still producing neutral spirit
      and adding essence.

      The heads middles and tails "cuts" are done by monitoring the temps and
      the smell and even the taste I rely mainly on temp, Information on the
      temps can be found at home distiller.

      The packing in the column of a reflux still is to increase the surface
      area effectively producing multiple distilations in the one run which
      increases the purity and therefore the strength of the final product
      which is not ideal for a traditional whiskey. Again more detailed
      information can be found at home distiller.

      Hope that I have helped. I encourage you to do some reading there are
      multiple websites and E books all over the Internet. If you have any
      more questions just ask. Again welcome.


      ltl_brewing_co wrote:

      >I'm new to the distilling game and the forum. Regardless, I was
      >hoping to get some help from those who would be willing to share their
      >First of all, I'm wondering what type of still would be the best in
      >order to reproduce bourbon and single malt scotches? Pot still v.s.
      >reflux still?
      >In addition, I'm a bit confused about how you can tell whether your
      >distillate is heads, middle, tails, etc? For instance, I've been told
      >by the Glenmorangie distiller that they only collect 1/5 of the middle
      >run for their final product. How do you know when this occurs?
      >Another question...what is the function of packing in the reflux still?
      >THanks for any help!
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