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Re: [Distillers] First attempt

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    The desti doesn t look to much of a problem to modify ..just get some more stainless pipe and make it a metre long column and put the cooling tubes at the top
    Message 1 of 3 , Jul 31, 2001
      The desti doesn't look to much of a problem to modify ..just get some more
      stainless pipe and make it a metre long column and put the cooling tubes at
      the top ...50mm 316 stainless @1 metre is only $18.50 in Australia


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      > On Tue, Jul 31, 2001 at 04:22:53PM -0000, kuriouss@... wrote:
      > > This is my first posting to this group and describes my first
      > > distilling experiences.
      > > Still-- Desti Lab S/S reflux --with glass rashig rings
      > > Wash--- Sugar & Water @20% alcohol 18L -8KG turbo yeast
      > > Total Dist. time---12 hours
      > > Output-- 2 1/2 L spirit 89% to 82%
      > > Quality-- Strong off-smell
      > >
      > > It was very hard to maintain the temperature with the surge boiling. I
      > > then bought a 1300W hotplate (also with a thermostat), and redistilled
      > > what was left of the batch with 9L of fresh wash.
      > > Time -- 2 hours to first drip
      > > Output-- 2 1/4 L 90% to 87%
      > > Quality-- same off-smell
      > Kurious,
      > I too am a Desti owner/user and your experiences sound very similar to
      > mine. I still have not got around to trying some mods including swapping
      > out the glass tubes for scrubbers, and jacketing the column with pipe
      > insulation. The Desti, as packaged, is more or less an economical
      > vodka-maker. I don't want to say its manufacturers' claims are false
      > advertising but if there is a dispute in this sort of area, you are not
      > likely to have the law on your side :)
      > Its output for me is always tainted in that it suffers from poor
      > temperature control at the head. This is surely due to the very short
      > column employed and the fact your only reflux control is temperature and
      > flowrate of water in the through-tubes. Thus your distillate will always
      > need filtering. I have found a good combination in letting the diluted
      > distillate sit on powdered carbon for several days, doing a coarse
      > filtration to remove as much as this carbon as possible, then doing a slow
      > column filtration. It should come out quite clean.
      > I have decided to pursue building a high-separation still akin to the
      > Nixon/Stone design which I plan to not only use in much cleaner neutral
      > spirit production, but also in the production of flavored spirits.
      > If you want to trade Desti war stories feel free to mail me
      > -matt
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