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Re: reflux rate, input wattage - boiler space for rum wash

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  • Harry
    ... 1500? ... rate ... distilling ... a ... up ... with ... to ... from ... to ... I ve got a 2 x 30 column with 24 of packing. I can run 1800 watts into
    Message 1 of 2 , Feb 24, 2005
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      > The question: What would happen if I keep my wattage input at
      > According to the calculator, it says I can bump up my collection
      > to 600 ml per hour and still keep the same reflux rate.
      > I am using a valved reflux 2" column x 36" in length and
      > sugar washes. I know the column is large enough to handle the
      > wattage. I am running about 500 ml of water flow per minute. I can
      > easily bump this up.
      > Am I going to run into problems of flooding my column? I also have
      > rum wash fermenting and I know they foam up more. Usually I fill
      > the 5 gal boiler with 4 gallons of sugar wash. Can I do the same
      > a rum wash that has 1 kg of molasses and 5 kg sugar or do I need
      > put less than 4 gallons in. 4 gallons gives me about 6" of room
      > the top of the boiler. It has to go up 5 more inches of adapters
      > reach my 2" column.
      > Thanks for your expert advice,
      > Roderick

      I've got a 2" x 30" column with 24" of packing. I can run 1800
      watts into 15 litres easily, and the temp holds steady (no flooding)
      but I'm also running 5.3 litres of coolant per minute.

      re the molasses wash. Give it more headroom, like 10". Molasses
      will foam every time. You can reduce the foaming with a bit of
      cooking oil or butter added to break up the foam, but you must
      distill very carefully (read slowly, less power) or you'll get the
      oil in your product. More headroom is better.

      regards Harry
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