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Re: [Distillers] Essences - What is the real scoop? How good are they really?

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  • paul
    hi roderick we have similar tastes maybe i prefer jim beam black ,wild turkey 101 proof ,bookers and makers mark and my brother and myself are trying out some
    Message 1 of 2 , Jan 28, 2005
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      hi roderick
      we have similar tastes maybe i prefer jim beam black ,wild turkey 101 proof ,bookers and makers mark and my brother and myself are trying out some of the essences now on aged oak vodka and have been a little disapointed with the tastes kind of prefer just the aged oak so far ,still to try the edwards turkey essence and the spirits unlimited sachets .not real sure neither whether the artificial taste will alter any with age ,seeing as there still in toasted oak chips .you might like to try this if you haven't seen it ,i haven't tried it yet.you might also like to try fruits to impart some flavour ,i'm testing that now and here's a few lines i found on the web it might help ,as it's not always easy to get any questions answered on forums

      good luck paul.

      Charter moonshine," considered the best, was put in charred oak barrels for several days, where it turned dark after absorbing color and flavor from the charcoal. A variety of ingredients could be added to increase the whiskey's color and flavoring. Red oak chips, peaches, apples, caramel, raisins, syrup, rock candy, tobacco, or spoiled potatoes found their way into whiskey barrels to add zest to the brew. Dr Pepper qv was a popular additive.

      homemade scotch

      1) Smoked Peat essence

      Took some garden peat, into a tin can, sealed the top loosely with
      aluminium foil, then heated can until smoking with blowtorch. Did this
      several times (shaking in between - to bring fresh material to against can
      walls). Can also do over a candle / small burner etc. Once cool, soak the
      smoked peat in some 65-75% alcohol

      2) Malt essence

      Scrounged around in brewing cupboard, and found some half empty bags of
      dark patent? malt and some lighter crystal malt. Soaked in some 50%

      3) Oak & vodka

      Made up some white-lightening at 95%, diluted down to 60%, then soaked 1.3
      L of it with 6 tsp of white oak sawdust + 3tsp of toasted oak sawdust.
      Added approx 10 raisins, 1" of vanilla pod and 4 peppercorns. Realised
      on day 3 that thats a lot of oak, and decanted off the liquid - already a
      dark tan colour. Diluted down to 45%.

      To the 2L oaked vodka, added approx 3-4 tsp of the smoked peat essence, and
      approx 3tsp of of the malt essence.

      I like it. Its only a week old, but tastes great.

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      From: pure95percent
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      Subject: [Distillers] Essences - What is the real scoop? How good are they really?

      OK Gang,
      Being the rookie that I am, and having been able to make some 95%
      from a sugar run and make some pretty decent vodka after aging on
      oak, I am now ready to figure the next step and what to do with all
      this vodka (besides drink it!)

      Started to look at some of the essences by Prestiege and the premium
      Ambrosia Scotch Essence sold by Brewhaus. How good are these? Any
      suggestions for a good brand of essence for Scotch and Bourbon?

      I like Jim Beam and Wild Turkey for bourbon and for scotch I like a
      good single malt like Glenlivet or McCallan.

      Are these worthwhile or will I be disappointed? I understand that it
      is only going to be as good as my vodka to start out with. My oak
      aged and charcoal filtered vodka is pretty good.

      Consider this a halfway step before I start getting into grain
      fermentation. Did some searching in the archives and did not get a
      good answer to my questions.

      Thanks for your advice.


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