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Re: Trial Run on Reflx Column, Questions & Happy New Year To All

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  • Harry
    ... last ... still. ... x ... The ... off ... took ... time ... I ll ... 85% ... @80% ... go ... at ... Happy New Year to you, Suit. A few facts you haven t
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      > Ok first Happy New Year to all and Thanks for all the help the
      > couple of months. Now I spent my new years eve in the barn with a
      > pint of 86 proof doing a trial run. This is kinda long but please
      > bear with me I need all the help I can get. The facts on the
      > Boiler 15.5 gallon beer keg inverted salad bowl and sink drain
      > connection. The heat source Propane Turkey Fryer. The column 1.5"
      > 26" packed with copper pot scrubbers no cross flow colling tubes.
      > condensor is a jacketed condensor (lieberg) so I'm told it comes
      > the column at a 45 degree downslope. Cooling water supplied by 100
      > liter barrell with a 1/6 Hp sump pump. I fired er up at 5:15 pm
      > 2 1/2 hours to come up to 173* F only ran burner 3/4 open next
      > I'll open er up. I collected about 50ml before it got to 125*F
      > keep that for charcoal starter. Then I collected 100ml heads at
      > abv. The 1st hour of running after heat up I got 500 ml at 85% abv
      > temp Stayed between 173.5 F & 175.5 F, 2nd hour same results. 3rd
      > hour raised heat a little temp ran about 177* F collected 550 ml
      > abv. 4th hour raised heat some more temp ran about 181.4F and
      > collected 850 ml @ 80% abv. Had to shut down it was 11:50pm had to
      > in and have wine with the wife. Now I'd like to be able to collect
      > least 1 or 1.5 liters per hour. Is it possible??? How ??? All help
      > will be greatly appreciated. But I'd like to keep my %ABV at least
      > 75. Thanks a bunch...
      > Suitcase.

      Happy New Year to you, Suit.
      A few facts you haven't given. How much beer do you run in that
      15.5 gallon keg? 1 US gallon = 3.7854118 litres, so the keg has a
      capacity of 58 litres. Are you running 2 x 25L batches at once in
      strip mode? or just one? Is this a 'once through' setup? or a strip
      & redistill? I assume you're making corn whiskey potstill style?
      We need to know...
      Is the still charge beer or 1st runnings?
      How many gallons is the charge?
      Do you do any tests to determine when to start taking 'hearts'?

      regards Harry
    • hwykicker
      ... wrote: Hi, This is my first time on a chat group, so please beer with me. It sounds like you rig is working properly. So if you want to increase production
      Message 2 of 3 , Jan 1 2:43 PM
        --- In Distillers@yahoogroups.com, "suitcase1498" <suitcase1499@a...>
        This is my first time on a chat group, so please beer with me.
        It sounds like you rig is working properly. So if you want to
        increase production you will need to increase the size of your still
        head. That is the part from the connection on the keg and up.
        I'll tell you about my rig.
        A big old propane turkey fryer for heat. A 30 L. stainless keg for a
        boiler. 2" copper DWV pipe 1.2 m. long for the reflux column, filled
        with SS scrubbies and 2 - 1/2" copper cross flow cooling pipes (very
        important). The top of the column T's off to the condenser - 1"
        copper pipe inside a 2" copper jacket. The top of the column is
        capped and has a digital thermometer (very important).
        The operation - I brew up a 25 L. batch of sugar wash using Turbo 48
        Yeast and 8 kg. Sugar. Pour this into the boiler with 1/2 cup of
        pickling salt, set the cooker to MAX!! Connect the cold water in/out.
        Set up the collection units (4 L. glass pickle jars). It takes about
        50 min. to get a head of steam. Then I pop on the cap, blow through a
        shot glass of 90%, toss it out. Then into full production. The head
        temp. should be between 78 and 83 deg. C. I get 4 L. of 90% in 1.5
        hours the about another 1 L. in the next hour. Once you can't keep
        the head temp. below 86 deg. C. time to pack it in. I got all my info
        from http://homedistiller.org/
        After cutting and polishing (carbon filtering) I get between 12 and
        16 750 ml. bottles of very good vodka. Good enough for Martini's!
        Well my beer is done, hpoe this helps.
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