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To Mark & KMA- subject bikering

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  • popwahtosh
    Hi, Guys! I m sorry that these folks upset you while you are gleaning all this information. I don t know about you but I m relatively new to this group. I
    Message 1 of 1 , Nov 27, 2004
      Hi, Guys! I'm sorry that these folks upset you while you are gleaning
      all this information. I don't know about you but I'm relatively new
      to this group. I joined about 3 months ago. I have learned things
      from these folks I would have never learned elsewhere. I have always
      been intrigued by stills and have wanted to learn how to build and
      use one for more than 30 years. Now that I'm retired and have the
      time and money to do so, this group has made that possible. And
      what's great about all this is…IT'S ALL FREE just for the asking.
      There has never been even one incident that any member of this group
      has refused to come to my aid when asked. In case you are not
      aware, most of these people are close friends. They have occupied
      this site for years. They have all contributed much and were always
      eager to do so. Sure, they disagree now and then and even
      perhaps "bicker" a little on occasion. That's what people do. This
      is not a perfect world. Shit happens and we move on and remain
      friends. Have you never had a disagreement with a friend or family
      member. If so, you are obviously from another universe. So………..my
      personal feeling about all this… let's be both courteous and grateful
      that we have all this knowledge (free or not) at our disposal.

      I always say…if you don't like what's on T.V. then change the channel.

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