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  • Murphy-Marsh, Leigh
    By all means share the holes Pop as I am not familiar with Yankee laws being from Oz. I have an Uncle in law who is a higher ranking police officer and closes
    Message 1 of 2 , Nov 25 3:56 PM
      By all means share the holes Pop as I am not familiar with Yankee laws being from Oz.
      I have an Uncle in law who is a higher ranking police officer and closes a blind eye to what myself (and my mum) get up to for recreation as he knows we only make small amounts for ourselves. But if a member of the public made an official complaint he (or other officers) would be forced to act. The newspapers would have a field day if the news that moonshine operations would not be prosecuted got out.
      By the way, it sounds like you have very charitable (and knowledgeable) church groups over there.
      But why would you go to the trouble to bury three gallons in the ground but keep an obvious still set-up in your shed (or maybe the old biddies thought it was a drug lab). That would only help you if you could claim that the unit was for something else.
      Plus, how long ago did they charge you to get a hearing in 2 weeks? Over here you can't get a hearing for 6 months. Twice as long or never if you're dying of cancer of some sort for a civil suit. Look at the mesothelioma cases. Our lawyers and courts are very clever at stretching stuff out.
      Mate if it happened as you say I do sympathise completely with you and am glad I live with a Buddhist who tolerates my bad habits (no church sales or Christmas hype either). Maybe you could give us a more detailed description of what happened and maybe if we have any learned friends among they could offer assistance.
      So long as you were not selling any you should be let off with a fine and a slap on the wrist. If you were selling it then I think it was a very silly thing to do and I'm afraid I'll have to agree with the judge. You should have thought of that.
      Please let us know how you go as I for one am interested in how the "law" works in regards to this hobby. The only consolation you may have (dunno whether its a good thing exactly) is it will cost them a lot more to prosecute you for 15 liters of moonshine then it will cost you in a fine.
      I doubt they will take your kids over a small alcohol still operation. Maybe theoretically they could try, but I doubt that they would.
      And my ultimate reccomendation, Get a good lawyer.
      Good luck mate,

      Date: Thu, 25 Nov 2004 17:07:17 -0000
      From: "popwahtosh" <popwahtosh@...>
      Subject: Re: Bad news for me :(

      Your story is full of holes, dude!

      --- In Distillers@yahoogroups.com, "Dalton P" <south_side686@y...>
      > Hey folk, I would like to share this with you. Those of you that
      > running a little set-up and feel that the Law has bigger an better
      > things to deal with than your little still? Don't you ever! get to
      > thinking that. These son's of bitches will make time! Let me tell
      > what has happend to me. If you are living in the States or anywhere
      > it is not legal to do this, listen up. I will get to the point and
      > not drag this out. I had (had) a little 10 gallon set-up in my
      > I went hunting for a day with some friends of mine. While I was
      > my wife was gathering things for a Church yard sale. Some Church
      > ladies were there to help her. They went into the barn where my
      > was covered very well by a tarp. No one ever said anything to my
      > but one of those snoopy old church women must have pulled my tarp
      > loose and took a look when my wife was not looking and knew what
      > were looking at. My wife told me that she didn't see anyone trying
      > snoop around.
      > When I got home, there were three law vehicles in my driveway and
      > thought something bad had happend. But as I got closer I saw my
      > still was in the back of the officers truck. My home, basement
      > root celler, vehicles, tractors, feed sheds, all was searched very
      > completly while me my wife and two children were forced to stay in
      > the front lawn. It was very cold and the f*#king law wouldn't even
      > let my wife go inside to get a jacket for the kids. Four hours we
      > together in the lawn hugging the kids trying to keep them warm.
      > hours while these son's of bitches ramsacked everything we had. I
      > told them where they could find the three gallons I had made up so
      > hope that will help me a little. They would have never found it
      > because I had it buried in the ground. This is my first offence yet
      > am free on a $25,000.00 bond. I have to go to court December 13th.
      > will let you know what they are going to do with me if anyone is
      > interested. I am worried about my children more then anything as I
      > told they could be taken from us if this thing gets nasty. The
      > I know without a doubt that I will hear from the Judge, even with
      > his education and infinate wisdom the best thing he will be able to
      > come up with will be....You should have thought of that. Later
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