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Reflux still design calculator - corrected

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  • Tony & Elle Ackland
    To those who use the interactive Reflux still design calculator at http://www.geocities.com/kiwi_distiller/reflux_calc.htm , I ve just fixed it for some
    Message 1 of 1 , Jun 8, 2001
      To those who use the interactive "Reflux still design calculator" at
      http://www.geocities.com/kiwi_distiller/reflux_calc.htm , I've just fixed
      it for some (more) huge errors (it was actually making alcohol - start
      with 20L wash at 10% and end up with over 4L of pure stuff !, and the
      column diameter calculations had been slightly out)

      Its still not perfect, but getting better. Its slightly different (still)
      from the Excel version that i use - see
      http://www.geocities.com/kiwi_distiller/Theory.xls if you want it. Just
      note that the Excel file is my working copy - it doesn't have any
      instructions etc, and there never will be.

      I've also changed the properties of the stainless steel wool scrubbers.
      The area was 1000 m2/m3; its now 800
      The voidage was 95%; its now 70%
      This was done (change from a guess to another guess) in order to get a more
      realistic flooding diameter

      I've also updated the files for download, both at my site :
      http://www.geocities.com/kiwi_distiller/download.htm and in the Yahoogroups
      file area http://groups.yahoo.com/group/Distillers/files/.

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