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Re: Inclined Head (From theroy to practice)

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  • auldfardt
    My thanks to all who replied to this thread. Well I ve gone over to the dark side & built my inclined offset head still. I ve posted some pics to the
    Message 1 of 11 , Nov 21, 2004
      My thanks to all who replied to this thread. Well I've gone over to
      the "dark side" & built my inclined offset head still. I've posted
      some pics to the pictures area under the folder "Inclined Head"

      Did my first run - re-distilled some 60% tails & other junk. Output
      was 95% at 350-400mm/hour.

      Question: If I now build a short column (about 12") and put the
      inclined head on with no packing, will it double as a pot
      still/stripping still. I think it should, but I haven't tried it.

      --- In Distillers@yahoogroups.com, "Boot _" <boot136@h...> wrote:
      > >My question is : Would I get poorer performance if I inclined the
      > >offset head at about 30 degrees. This would give me room to build
      > >decent head.
      > No, you'll get great performance Greg! I've been using inclined
      heads right
      > along and I reckon they're at least as good as vertical units and
      might even
      > be better, depending on the design.
      > I've been meaning to diagram mine and post it, so will now do so at
      > first opportunity.
      > >Obviously the vapours will seek the highest point, ie. the top of
      > >inclined pipe...
      > I'm now pretty sure this is wrong thinking that had me worried when
      > designed mine too. The vapours might seek the highest point if they
      > floating around in your bedroom, but inside a condenser they will
      seek the
      > point of lowest pressure. This means that they will readily turn
      around and
      > flow towards the floor if in doing so they are able to fill the
      > vacuum created by the (what might be called catastrophic) collapse
      of the
      > vapour at the coil surface.
      > See what I mean? Vapour hits the coil, implodes into a minute
      fraction of
      > its original volume, and then pulls more vapour in behind itself.
      This is by
      > far the dominant force inside the condenser.
      > >... so I plan to jacket the 2" pipe with a 2.5" or 3"
      > >water jacket, as well as having a double coiled condensor down the
      > >centre.
      > Don't worry about the outside water jacket which, in the absense of
      > insulating joint, will only serve to suck heat out of the top your
      > wall and send unwanted reflux piddling down the inside. Just have
      faith in
      > the power of the cold coil to attract hot vapour. A single coil is
      > Mine is 10.5 inches long, and easily copes with 4000 watts of heat
      at 850
      > mls/min water consumption. I'd guess it'd handle 6000 without
      > Drawings / pics to follow hopefully.
      > Cheers,
      > Boot
      > >
      > >Is this gonna work?
      > >
      > >Thanks in advance for your comments & suggestions,
      > >
      > >Greg (AKA AuldFardt)
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