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Re: beer brewing pot

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    As a homebrewer I m familiar with what the beer shop guy is telling you. The keg (lauter tun) is used to sparge your grains. Basically you re running hot
    Message 1 of 2 , Jun 6, 2001
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      As a homebrewer I'm familiar with what the beer shop guy is telling
      you. The keg (lauter tun) is used to sparge your grains. Basically
      you're running hot water through the grains slowly and dissolving the
      sugars from the grains as the water runs through. This process
      creates wort. The wort is in turn run off, boiled, and stuff is
      added (hops, adjuncts, etc) depending on beer style.
      this address has more info on all grain brewing:

      If I understand your question, then yes you could use the lauter tun
      to extract the sugars, but you're still going to have to boil the
      wort (min 30 minutes). If you're set on making 30 gallons then
      you'll have to do it in smaller (5-6) batches. You could use the
      lauter tun to strain your all grain mash once you had made it. I
      wouldn't use a lauter tun to make (ferment) an all grain mash, too
      hard to disinfect, and I'm not sure how to go about putting an air
      lock on it.

      --- In Distillers@y..., m4goose@a... wrote:
      > Howdy all you brewers,
      > Its been a while since I last posted, but I have been reading.
      > I am in the process of making my first all grain mash, and I have
      > question about something I came across this weekend.
      > I am making a batch of around 30 gallons and the problem that
      > occurs to me is getting all of that mash cooked when all I have is
      > some 20 ltr pots. now this is my question.
      > While getting supplies from a local beer brewing shop I saw that
      > they had a very nice setup made from an empty beer keg.
      > the keg had the top cut out and a screen in the bottom with a
      > below that for emptying the wort. The fellow told me you just put
      > your grain in there with boiling water and let it soak adding more
      > hot water to keep your temperature up and to rinse your grains.
      > Does this sound like it would work? I like the idea as the keg
      > made a nice 15 gallon pot.
      > Let me know your thoughts
      > Goose
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