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Metho smell

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  • Ackland, Tony (CALNZAS)
    Here s an anonymous question from C , asking about a problem with a bad smell. In answer to why my condenser is made from stainless steel - its because that
    Message 1 of 1 , Jun 4, 2001
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      Here's an anonymous question from "C", asking about a problem with a bad

      In answer to why my condenser is made from stainless steel - its because
      that was the material lying around when the guy who made it for me came to
      make it - it was just some scrap that happened to do the job nicely !



      I have been a member of both yahoo groups associated with distilling for
      some time and would like to ask some questions about your NS design and in
      particular why you used SS for just the condenser housing.

      I have Mike's book and have corresponded with him on several occasions about
      the design before constructing my own version. Mine is almost identical to
      yours as far as I can work out from the pictures you posted except for the
      condenser housing. I have used 40mm copper for the external housing and the
      coil (8mm diam) is also copper.

      I have had a few runs and have had a bad bottle in the last run (my problem
      is I have no smell due to sinus problems) Everyone who has smelt this one
      bad batch says it has a distinct metho or hospital clean type smell (if that
      makes sense). I have been very strict with my discarding heads and stopping
      well before tails appear due to my "smelling" problem. I am unsure if I may
      have collected too early but am certain I would have stopped well before
      tails appeared an this may be the problem but I am unsure. I perform a
      stripping run first up with the reflux valve fully open and collect from 78-
      96 c. I then run through again under reflux conditions and collect for use
      only from 78.2 - 79.4. The valve is then opened and the remainder up until
      96 I collect for the next run.

      I have searched the archives and found several articles about "off-smells"
      (msg's 1317, 1314, ) and also several related (blue colour problem (1324)
      and am wondering if this may be my problem. If so, is this the reason you
      went for SS in the condenser section of your NS? ( to eliminate any possible
      chemical reactions due to the use of copper at the cooling point of the
      process. {msg "1317"})

      Thanks in advance C.
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