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Re: [Distillers] Re slober box

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  • Chris Hubbard
    Paul, I m not an expert so please take what I ve got to say with a grain of salt. Slobber box Is a relatively small container between the kettle and the
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      I'm not an expert so please take what I've got to say
      with a grain of salt.

      Slobber box
      Is a relatively small container between the kettle and
      the condensor. The gaseous alcohol drops the heavier
      impurities into the slobber box, and carries the purer
      alcohol on into the condensor. The liquid that
      collects in the slobber box during a run can be
      pitched into the next wash in order to pull more
      alcohol out. Both ends of the pipe into and out of
      the slobber box are above the liquid level of the
      slobber box. Don't drink the contents of the slobber
      box. A slobber box should have a valve on it that you
      can use to lower the level of the collected liquids
      during a run.

      Is similar to a slobber box, except that the end of
      the in pipe terminates below the level of the liquid
      that is put into the thumper. You fill the thumper
      with as pure alcohol as you've got. The gaseous
      alcohol then has to bubble through (thump) the thumper
      on it's way to the condensor. This has two effects
      first to clean the alcohol to get a purer product, and
      second to increase the potency of the alcohol as the
      thumper acts as a second stage distiller. (i'm not
      clear on how this works...)

      Both the thumper and slobber box have the additional
      advantage of catching foam if you're making whisky,
      keeping your condensor clean.

      I haven't heard of anyone using both a slobber box and
      a thumper. I haven't heard of anyone using either
      with a reflux column. I have heard of and seen photos
      of slobber boxes used with pot stills.

      In either case, it's better to build your still so you
      can add or remove a thumper or slobber box, (or both)
      and try your still in a couple different

      For more information take a look at this much better

      --- Henderson <paulhend@...> wrote:
      > hopo...as I don't know what a thumper or slober box
      > is I guess I can't take
      > it out. Perhaps you could enlighten me . Would
      > appreciate
      > thanks paul
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      > Sent: Monday, May 28, 2001 4:59 PM
      > Subject: [Distillers] Re: thread
      > > Paul,
      > > I recommend that you set up your still so it can
      > be disconnected in a
      > > couple places, at the least separate the column
      > from the pot, if
      > > you've got a thumper or slober box, then some way
      > of taking that out,
      > > and finally the connection to the condensor. The
      > best rule of thumb
      > > is to make it so it's relatively easy to scrub
      > (with a brush). Bends
      > > and things make cleaning difficult.
      > > hopon
      > >
      > > --- In Distillers@y..., paulhend@s... wrote:
      > > > Great , got the copper pipes solved. As a non
      > handyman I
      > > appreciate
      > > > the help I've received . Next question is should
      > I put a threaded
      > > > connection in the pipes for cleaning .Where?
      > How do I do this and
      > > > what tools do I need?
      > >
      > >
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