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tip of the week==and reply to dino

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  • BJ & FM Poke
    this issues tip of the week was inspired by tony acklands calculations page[play area] AND his index reference diluting your alcohol look them up at
    Message 1 of 1 , Jan 28, 2000
      this issues tip of the week was inspired by tony acklands calculations page[play area] AND his index reference "diluting your alcohol" look them up at www.geocities.com/kiwi_distiller/

      simple calculation for wash strength=multiply the differential of the original gravity and the final gravity by 0.129 this allows for the minimal foible[apparent attenuation/real attenuation] of the hydrometer not recognising that alcohol has been generated since the original gravity reading== e.g. o.g. 1.100 s.g.--f.g. 1.000
      =diff. of 100 specific gravity points x 0.129 = 12.9% alcohol/volume

      now your so proud of your achievements and rightly so and your'e ready and eager to load the still with say 40 litres how do you know without continually testing and a whole lot of rooting about when to finish the still run-easy

      simple calculation again=multiply the 40 lovely litres x 12.9 [the alc.vol. you generated]= 5.16
      yes five point one six litres of absolute alcohol ,now thats what you need to "squeeze" out

      so on a reflux still running a yield at 90% alc.vol. to retrieve the 5.16 LAL you would need to stop at 5.73 litres [5730ml]==multiply the aggregate [or constant] yield strength, in this case , 90 x 5730=5.16 [close enough]

      any questions welcome,don't be shy,it's no shame not to grip this first time

      here's another easy one =amount of water to add to spirit to cut it back==spirit strength divided by strength required multiplied by the original volume[[amount of water required is the difference between the original spirit volume and the new total]] e.g.say you wanted to cut the above spirit of 5730 ml. 90:- 40=2.25 x5730=12892 the difference in volume is 7162 ml. and thats what you use to cut to 40% alc.vol.

      dino =let's lighten up here my head is hurting too many numbers==you said you are sourcing your grain from round the world will you be receiving it in malted grain form or as an extract, i guess if your going to grist in front of the public you will operate from behind a dust/sound proof situation????????????? the pub/boutique/restaurant/brasserie level is still reasonably good here in australia and indications are it may rise again,we also have in the major cities here the brew it your self premises,good for busy flat dwellers and people who don't want to outlay capital on equipment

      many regards to all==brian
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