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Re: [Distillers] Re: Achieving Equilibriam

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  • David W Lunsford
    I still got to say, I like Rana.....Dave ... it for ... called for ... in a ... What do
    Message 1 of 31 , Oct 1, 2004
      I still got to say, I like Rana.....Dave

      At 11:04 PM 9/30/04 -0400, you wrote:
      >On 30/9/04 10:31 PM, "Rana Pipiens" <ranawater@...> wrote:
      >> For Hector: Any suggestions on what to do with manioc flour? I bought
      it for
      >> a beer recipe but when I rechecked the recipe I discovered that it
      called for
      >> the whole root and utilized amylase in the saliva to convert the starch ( I
      >> think it was Xingu Black beer). Ian Smiley discusses using grain flours
      in a
      >> mash and I was thinking of using the manioc flour in a similar way.
      What do
      >> you think I would come up with?
      >Hola Rana!
      >Why don¹t you like the idea of spitting in your wash? You¹re not going to
      >drink the wine, are you? I once tried this yuca (as we call manioc) wine
      >from a Yanomami tribe in our part of the Amazon. Didn¹t taste like spit at
      >all. Didn¹t taste too good also, but it was an anthropologically
      >interesting experience. I also tried roasted tarantula, but drew the line
      >on barbequed monkey hands (remembered me too much of a kid¹s hand).
      >Seriously, Rana, you¹ll be hard pressed to find a more effective (not to say
      >cheap) amylase source than your own saliva. Being that you have a
      >reasonably clean mouth and don¹t suffer from any periodontal disease, if
      >you¹re too queasy what you could do is to brush your teeth thoroughly,
      >floss, and then gargle with some 60-65% spirit for 2 or 3 minutes. That
      >should do a good job of quasi-sanitization. Then think about something
      >yummy and spit along! I saw like 3 or 4 Yanomami women spitting along as
      >they chatted and did their hairdos to one another (that was the upcoming
      >party¹s ³punch² they were brewing), so I gather you alone should spit on it
      >for some time. Or you can go the Indian way and invite your significant
      >other and kids to a spit fest!
      >As an alternative, you could use no less than 35% highly diastatic 6-row
      >malts and some elbow grease (I don¹t think it would yield good sugar without
      >vigorous agitation), and always do the iodine test to make sure the job got
      >done. In any way remember that optimal amylase activity temp is universal
      >no matter what the source of it so some heat should be present also.
      >If in any doubt just shout.
      >Héctor Landaeta
      >Colonia Tovar - Venezuela.
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      There is a difference between posts. Some posts suggest something, urge to achieve new heights and dare the world. Other posts express personal moods. One of
      Message 31 of 31 , Oct 1, 2004
        There is a difference between posts. Some posts suggest something, urge to achieve new heights and dare the world.

        Other posts express personal moods. One of my friends once showed me a developing wart on his elbow. Seeking compassion and understanding that friend eagerly looked in my eyes for comfort.

        Yeah, I said I am sorry. Sure, ...but are YOU interested in knowing that? Perhaps other people would be delighted to get together for Watt spitting.

        To connect this with this forum I suggested to use foreshots as a topical ointment. I said that this is unknown yet panacea for everything under the sun. The secret is that no one knows about it yet. I still guess if that person got it...

        So, I am pleased to know that I must book one less seat for this exciting trip.

        Please let us, me,.. whomever know what are your interests besides watching the thermometer to move from 78.3*C to 78.5*C?
        I learned already that spitting is not your idea of making alcoholic beverages. Or was it about the clearing part?

        Please don't be alarmed with this post. I am friendly. I am just bored to death. So long friends, enemies and bystanders. Till next time...

        By the way if there are spelling errors here I blame the checker for that.

        Whatever I wrote above is my subjective opinion
        There are no warranties of any kind
        Act on your own risk and finally...
        I can be wrong I must say
        Cheers, Alex...

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