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Re: [Distillers] Re: Cheap yeast

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  • DeanThomas
    Na, I ll be getting tanked with the father inlaw (his B day) We ll see who goes down though I dont think it will be the aussies. I hope its not the aussies.
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      Na, I'll be getting tanked with the father inlaw (his B'day) We'll see who
      goes down though I dont think it will be the aussies. I hope its not the

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      > > > Hi, pete. I hope me last reply didnt sound mean I sure didnt
      > > intend it that
      > > > way (I think thats what Lindsay thought).
      > >
      > > No offense taken... Its all good fun...
      > Hey, agreed, it sure is fun. Anyway, if an Aussie can't take the
      > mickey out of a Kiwi, and vice versa, where would we be?! Hope you
      > will be watching your lot go down again in Sydney Sat night, Dean!!
      > >You should see my mountain of homemade wine...
      > What's it taste like? Seems like you need more thirsty friends!
      > > I use code 6 Turbo. I leave all my washes for 2 weeks, this leaves
      > > them clear. All washes come out at 18-20% abv. I haven't used 1
      > > yeast for 1 wash in ages now. This way of using a 'starter' rather
      > > than half the yeast at the start seems to work better. I'll need to
      > > see if it finishes Ok since there is a chance it may run low on
      > > nutrient, if so I'll need to add more on the next batches.
      > Interesting that you don't seem to need more nutrients. When I looked
      > at yeast splitting I thought tomato paste (or other nutrient) and
      > vitamin B would need adding thus making the cost difference pretty small.
      > >
      > > I have tried alcotec 12 hour but didn't like it but want to try
      > > alcotec 48 (this seems to be the most popular). Anybody tried both?
      > > what are your thoughts on tastes? I found code 6 had less flavours
      > > but it has become less of a concern now that I'm getting higher abv
      > > from my still.
      > I have only used Still Spirits yeast. I now use their Turbo Yeast.
      > Don't have much of a caomparison but am happy with this stuff.
      > >
      > > I shop around for the cheapest sugar I can get, and now I can use
      > > less yeast I figure I'm saving about $45 each time I start my
      > > washes.. that makes it worth trying for me...
      > $45 is worth saving, for sure. I buy my sugar from Moshims for $20 for
      > a 25kg bag (Thai sugar). Use it in the kitchen, too! I reckon 80c/kg
      > is OK.
      > Cheers, and thanks for info, Lindsay.
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