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Re: Offset-Heads

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  • closetdistiller
    Scud, 1. It s not water condensing on the condenser and falling down to the collection/reflux reservoir and then out the needle valve, that s essentially
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      1. It's not water condensing on the condenser and falling down to
      the collection/reflux reservoir and then out the needle valve,
      that's essentially straight ethanol my lad. Sure there will be a
      little water vapour but your condensing ethanol vapours not water
      vapours. At the end of the run you'll end up with more water
      condensing as the EtOH concentration drops. I think you need to read
      up more about the theory of distillation off the homedistiller.org

      Now, journeyman's still is a different type of still to the offset
      one Matt used. Journey man's is a Vapour management, while Matt's is
      a Liquid management. They use two different methods of separating
      and condensing the ethanol vapours. The vapour management separates
      based on differences in the density of ethanol vapours and water
      vapours, while the liquid management uses a reflux return pipe to
      keep the level (purity) of ethanol vapours in the top of the column
      as high as possible, so you can fiddle with the reflux ration to
      consistently keep the vapours at the column that you want to collect
      to be as pure as possible. It then condenses these pure vapours in
      the off set side. The T serves no purpose other than as a way to
      construct a reservoir to collect the distillate which can then be
      drawn off or returned to the column.

      There are inline versions of this still, they use exactly the same
      theory, it's just that they have gone about constructing the
      reservoir and reflux return slightly differently. You can think of
      these ones as being absolutely identical in operation and their
      abilities to obtain pure product. Both will give 95-96% if run

      Both Journeyman's vapour management and Matt's offset still use
      exactly the same column, it's just differences in the way the pure
      vapours are collected and or returned.

      In Matt's off set there is nothing that will stop the tails coming
      through other than you changing the collection vessel or turning off
      the still. They will come through, but at the end of the run when
      the temp creeps up. The vapour management still doesn't collect
      tails due to changes in the density of the vapour in the column at
      the time the tails come through. Read up on Vapour management in the
      archives, Mike Nixon has written a good article in there on what's
      going on in vapour management.

      Sounds like more reading for you my friend.

      Cheers, CD

      --- In Distillers@yahoogroups.com, "skud12000" <skud12000@y...>
      > I am starting to construct my first still and would like to use an
      > offset-head. Matt's offset-head still poses some questions. What
      > prevents the condensed water from running out the needle valve and
      > contaminating the fallen etoh vapors? What is the benefit of the
      > why not just build the condenser on top of the column like
      > journeyMans? Matt's stats look good though. Is his column just
      > efficient that the vapor reaching the condenser is 96% ethanol?
      > Matt's design what will keep the tails from dripping through the
      > needle valve after condensing? I appreciate the help. Keep on
      > keeping on!
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