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  • Harry
    ... maybe find ... with 2 x ... condensor. My ... run , my ... Velva.....the ... sniffer,) ... already ... a tear ... should do? ... maybe ... using SS ... it
    Message 1 of 2 , Jul 12, 2004
      --- In Distillers@yahoogroups.com, David <maxtonnage@e...> wrote:
      > I ran across a problem. so I went to the archives to search and
      maybe find
      > my solution, now I am as confused as ever....I use a reflux rig
      with 2" x
      > 44" tower, and vertical "tube in a tube" water jacket type
      condensor. My
      > first three runs went excellent. but halfway through the fourth
      run , my
      > second using EC1118, my product began to look like Aqua
      > prettiest blue, but does have a faint (to my untrained novice
      > amonia smell. I know this is not cool, and I fear I may have
      > injested some previously without knowing it, but I am considering
      a tear
      > down and spring cleaning of the rig. Is there anything else I
      should do?
      > Acidity and alkaline are greek to me, as I am a dumbass welder. Or
      > would a simple good extended water boil take out the nasties? Am
      using SS
      > scrubbers, and thoroughly flush the tower after each use and place
      it in a
      > warm dry atmosphere to store. Any help? thanks, Dave

      The most common cause of the blue problem is an alkaline wash in
      contact with copper in the still. However I think in your case it
      is probably oversupply of yeast nutrients in the initial wort. If
      too much nutrient (e.g. DiAmmonium Phosphate or DAP) is used, you
      will get ammonia gas when you distill. The gas will dissolve in the
      water coming over and form the blue tint in your product. Redistill
      it with citric acid, about 1 ta/sp per litre. You can buy this
      cheap in the cakes section of any supermarket. This will fix the
      problem. Use nutrients sparingly, particularly fertilizers.

      regards Harry
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