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Re: Forced Refux

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  • Harry
    ... wrote: ... Apparently not in the forseeable future. I emailed Customer Care and here s the skinny... Type your
    Message 1 of 3 , Jun 26, 2004
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      --- In Distillers@yahoogroups.com, "peter_vcb"
      <viciousblackout@y...> wrote:

      > off toppic-the photos only hold 30mb but last week yahoo upped my
      > free email account to 100mb! anyword of them upping the groups??
      > Harry?

      Apparently not in the forseeable future. I emailed Customer Care
      and here's the skinny...


      Type your feedback here:
      You have recently increased the
      mailbox allocation to 100mb. Many
      "thanks for that. My
      "question: Is ""
      there any plan to extend this extra
      filespace allocation to the Yahoo
      Groups? A couple of our members were
      inquiring, and the existing 20mb for
      group photos is quite restrictive.

      regards Harry
      Distillers and new_distillers


      Thank you for contacting Yahoo! Customer Care.

      There are storage limits within the Files area of Yahoo! Groups.

      Files: Each group has 20MB of storage in the Files area, as noted in
      that area of the group. You can upload a high number of small files,
      a few large files, as long as you use no more than 20MB total
      There is also a maximum file size limit of 5MB. If you attempt to
      more than 20MB total or any file larger than 5MB to your group, you
      get an error.

      If you exceed the maximum storage limits for either feature, and
      want to add more content, you may either delete existing
      make room for new ones, or use the Links feature to point to
      files/photos stored on locations outside of your group, such as a
      page, Yahoo! Briefcase or Yahoo! Photos. Unfortunately, purchasing
      additional storage within Yahoo!Groups is not available at this time.

      Yahoo! Groups sincerely appreciates your suggestions, as they enable
      to tailor our service to the needs of our members.



      Yahoo! Customer Care
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