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Beverage processing equipment

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  • waljaco
    Small-scale food processing - A guide for appropriate equipment 7. Beverages http://www.fao.org/WAIRdocs/x5434e/x5434e0b.htm Traditional still A
    Message 1 of 1 , Jun 2, 2004
      "Small-scale food processing - A guide for appropriate equipment"
      7. Beverages

      "Traditional still
      A well-cleaned oil drum is fitted with a pipe to carry away the
      vapour, and a safety pipe. Alcoholic liquor is placed inside the drum
      and heated. On vapourization, the alcohol vapour is carried out of
      the drum via the pipe and passed through cooled air or cool water.
      The distillate condenses and is collected.

      Small still
      (illustration of an Iberian alquitar)"

      For an Indonesian example -
      For an Irish example -
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